Fantastic complimentary side dishes

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There is nothing quite like great side dishes to set off your meals. The following recipes will not only compliment your main meals but can, in some cases, stand alone as a snack.
This bread is equally great as a snack with your favorite dip. Try it with a nice hot salsa dip, magnificent.

Fantastic complimentary side dishes

Next on the list is an all time favorite for cheesy garlic mashed potatoes. This is truly a dreamy, creamy potato recipe that can compliment almost any meal.

And now on to a recipe for horseradish sauce. There are two versions for this recipe. The beauty of each is that with some minor adjustments you can make them as hot or mild as you like.

And now for a cheesy side dish that can also be a great stand-alone snack. This is particularly good if you are having a few friends over to watch your favorite game. Add a big bowl of chicken wings and be prepared for some over eating.