Fat Burning Cereals

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Looking for some fat burning cereals to eat to encourage weight loss? Cereals by themselves cannot encourage weight loss. They will however, depending on those chosen and how much processing it has undergone, will deliver to your body a boost in fiber levels. For meal plans that do encourage weight loss, read about “Melt The Fat”

Choosing a cereal with high fiber levels can mean the difference between getting the amount of fiber your body needs, to falling short. Notice that the cereal that has undergone the least amount of processing will deliver the highest amount of fiber.

Cereals and Unprepared Breakfast Foods GI Processing Saturated Fat (% DV) Fiber (g) Water (g) Protein (% DV) Linolenic Acid (g)
1 cup (58 g) Crude Wheat Bran 30 Packaged 2% 24.8 5.736 18% 0.097
100 g Corn Pasta 78 Cooked 1% 4.8 68.31 5% 0.01
28 g (1 slice) Whole Wheat Bread 52 Commercially Prepared 1% 1.9 10.556 5% 0.014
1 cup low sodium Corn Flakes - Ready To Eat 0% 0.3 0.75 4% 0.001
23.6 g Peanut Butter Hard Granola Bar - Packaged 4% 0.7 0.543 5% 2.82
100 g Honey and Nut Oatmeal Cereal - Ready to Eat 3% 4.3 2.5 12% 0.077

Figures are averages only. Data obtained from NutritionData, the Nutribase database and the Glycemic Index database. A dash indicates that no data was available at the time for that particular attribute. Figures for saturated fat and protein content indicates the % of the daily value for that property. Glycemic Index values may vary according to the variety of food.

 Fat Burning Cereals

A foods presence (or absence) in the above table does not mean that they are (are not) “fat burning compatible foods” or likely to encourage weight loss. The above foods are examples of those foods that could be eaten within a well-rounded diet. No responsibility is accepted for any unfavorable event arising from eating foods listed in the above table. Please use this information responsibly. The information is intended for educational purposes only and not as a replacement for consultation with a medical health practitioner, dietitian or nutritionist. Please consult a dietitian before instigating dietary changes.