Feeling Is Healing – Your Emotions Are Your Friend

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All EMOTIONS have their place in your repertoire

Whether they seem like they are positive or not, ALL are useful and beneficial.

And they all can be pleasurable, even the ones that we label negative or unpleasant.

Can you imagine never feeling anger or frustration? If you could program yourself to feel only happy and loving feelings, you’d be a robot. Part of what makes humans so unique, endearing, lovable, frustrating, and ultimately wonderful, is our ability to feel everything. In fact, those who cannot feel the entire range of emotions are stilted, underdeveloped, even sociopathic or autistic.

Aren’t you glad you can experience all of your feelings?

It’s important to have the full gamut of emotions, because sometimes it is the emotion that motivates you to act.

What happens when you experience an emotion, such as anger, again and again? When you eliminate the negativity of the emotion, that is, INTEGRATE the feeling, it can add to your determination to do something about the situation that originally angered you.

Feeling Is Healing   Your Emotions Are Your Friend

And isn’t the feeling of determination more comforting and motivational than anger?

But unless you allowed yourself to feel anger, you would not be able to reassure yourself that within the energy of that emotion, you’d find determination.

So that’s why all of your feelings are important and valuable.