Fender History Overview

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The origins of Fender history can be traced to Leo Fender’s modest radio repair shop from the late 1930s. Leo Fender himself was one of the most important innovators and businessmen of modern guitar history.

By the late 1940s he had fully committed his efforts to the musical instrument business. He launched several revolutionary solid-body electric guitar models in a very short period: the Fender Telecaster (1950), the Precision Bass (1951), and the Stratocaster (1954).

Fender History Overview

Fender still introduced two more significant guitar models, the Jazzmaster (1958) and Jaguar (1962), before selling the company to CBS in early 1965.

The CBS period is characterised by a drop of the quality of the instruments and Fender’s reputation.

In addition, high quality replicas of the original Fender models from Japanese manufacturers put the Fender company in a difficult position in the early 1980s. In response, Fender opened the Fender Japan branch.

When CBS sold the company, a group of committed employees and investors took over. Fender enjoys a period of high reputation and business growth since.