Feng shui decorating

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This is what feng shui decorating is to me: I grew up in a family of architects. All my life I have heard talks about “good” rooms and “good” houses. This wasn’t necessarily talks about esthetics, but about how you’d feel being in that certain room or house. Did you feel good? Or was there something making you feel ill at ease?

I had never heard about feng shui decorating until the early 1990s. Since then I read every book, every article I came across. Though the ideas and principles were Chinese, they so fitted with everything I already knew about the importance of your home, both in the view of a modern architect’s opinion to what is a “good’ room or house to ancient astrological principles. All languages and cultures have sayings about the importance of your home. “My home is my castle” (from England), “Thousands days at home are better than the shortest stay in a foreign place” (from China) or “East and west, but home is best” (from Norway), to mention a few examples.

Feng shui decorating

In astrology your home and your roots are symbolized by the 4th house. In the birth chart the cusp of the 4th house (the beginning of the house) is called Imum Coeli or nadir, and is directly opposite Medium Coeli or zenith (midheaven). It’s considered one of the most important points of the natal chart. We know when the sun is in zenith it’s at the highest point of heaven. Zenith in a natal chart symbolizes the most public side of your personality. Nadir is exactly the opposite; it’s the darkest place of heaven and symbolizes the most private, hidden side of you.

I think this says a lot about how important our home is and should be to us. Feng shui decorating is about creating a good atmosphere, good chi, in your home. Whether you live in a cabin or a castle, alone or with family, your home is the very foundation of your life. You need a fabulous home! Feng shui decorating is simply about following certain – logical – principles to get a great home.

Mainly, you should never neglect your home. You might live in a tiny apartment and dream about moving to a huge villa, but until you can realize that plan you need to take care of the place where you currently live (and believe me, in doing that you’ll realize your plan much quicker). Or you might be a career person, spending most of your time at work or out with friends, only using your home as a place to crash and take a quick shower before you’re off again. Your home still is the foundation of you life and is not to be neglected.

You need to keep your home in order. Dead flowers, layers of dust and burned out light bulbs do influence us, even on a subtle level. If anything is broken: Fix it. If anything is dirty: Clean it.

It’s so easy to get blind in your own home. You simply don’t see all those things you meant to do something about ages ago. It can be a good idea to book time every month to give the rooms of your home some extra service. Think of feng shui decorating as room service!

Feng shui decorating

Take a look around you, where you sit right now. I’m sure there’s something in that room that you at some point were going to do something about, but long ago got used to not working or functioning or looking properly. That door that shrieks every time someone opens or close it. Or that loose button on the sofa pillow case. And what about those house plants – didn’t you intend to change soil and give them bigger pots? It can be a skirting board that never was nailed properly. A lamp that needs a new switch. Or that old carpet that you have meant to dump for months now.

Whatever it is – pick one or two things and get them done. Just like it feels good to drive a car where everything works it feels good to live in a home where everything functions the way it should!

And that’s the main principle of feng shui decorating.