Find a Martial Arts School – Observe Before You Pay

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Once you have decided on a discipline or style to pursue, you can begin looking for a martial arts school which offers that style. Make an effort now to be as detailed as you can because you are probably going to be making a rather large investment of time and money with this decision.

The main thing to remember is: When you are ready to investigate a martial arts school to attend, you will want to go and observe a class or two. Most schools will allow you to watch at least one class. While observing, take note of how the instructor acts, if he or she holds the attention of the students, and if he or she seems knowledgeable about the content. Make sure you get all the details about class times, costs, and credentials of the instructor or instructors. Many schools have multiple instructors that rotate teaching duties so you may only get to watch and meet one of them. If you are interested in a school, check to see if they offer some kind of free class tryout. Occasionally you can find a martial arts school that will offer up to a month of free classes.

Be wary of schools which promise a certain rank within a set time period. Many times, if a school has a set schedule of “Three months to this belt. Six months to that belt.” they are more likely to give out new ranks to students without those students fully grasping the techniques or concepts.

Many schools nowadays use financing companies as a way to manage tuition payments for classes. This can be a two-edged sword, because what often happens is that the student’s progress in the school is then dictated by their terms of the lease. For example, some schools will say “you can get your black belt in about 3 years” because you are on a three year lease for your tuition. Just remember that martial arts study should not be about how long it takes to get to a certain rank. It should be about learning the disciplines and techniques to as deep an understanding as possible.

Find a Martial Arts School   Observe Before You Pay

If you have decided on broad focus of study, try to stay more general in your search for a place to learn. For example, looking for schools that teach Jujitsu will yield more results than if you are looking for the more specific Brazilian Jujitsu. Also, don’t forget to look at your local park district. They tend to offer at least one or two options for study.

Of course, costs will vary from school to school and style to style. Typically, schools that have a larger student base will have a lower tuition cost. The tradeoff, however, is that with a larger school, you may have less personal attention from the instructor.