Finding a stallion to breed your mare

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After you have decided to breed your mare, the next step is choosing a stallion.

Find a stallion that compliments your mare’s conformation and personality. For example, if your mare has a neck that is too short, find a stallion that has the opposite trait to offset your mares.

You may want a specific breed, height or color. You may also want to choose a stallion for his performance record. For example, you might want to show in western pleasure or reining. You will need to choose the appropriate stallion.

Finding a stallion to breed your mare

If you are breeding for color, the book Equine Color Genetics by D. Phillip Sponenberg includes numerous photographs of equine coat colors and the probable genotype in each case.

You will invest a considerable amount of time and money in breeding your mare. Take your time in choosing the perfect mate for your mare.