Finding Fitness motivation on those extreme days, pretraining mental warm-up

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Ok it’s one of those days, you feel as if you rear end is dragging, and everything about training just seems to be hazy, well great, these are what I call test days because in short if you can find fitness motivation and shine through on a day like this then your a true champion, that’s what I believe you are so that’s what I’m going with, but just in case your trying to skip a session by giving yourself a dozen reasons not to go through with it, here are a dozen reasons you should probably consider changing your mind.

Finding Fitness motivation on those extreme days, pretraining mental warm up

  • Number 1 – (rear-end fitness motivation tactic) it’s your butt, you must tend to it.
  • Number 2 – just make it a light day leave busting records for the next session.
  • Number 3 – do you think your challenges are taking an off day.
  • Number 4 – just lying around sucks too.
  • Number 5 – leave being tired to the old folks, (remember age is a state of mind, “think young”), me I personally hate being tired.
  • Number 6 – pick up sticks, or whatever and swing ‘em, but get yourself moving, get your your blood curculating. Come on it’s you, you could punch or kick this session out easily as a matter of fact you hope for a little extra effort it brakes a possibly stale routine. Alright reach deep inside and find your fitness motivation, find that piece of joy and move it through you through your arms through your legs let it fill your back, swirl in your feet, tingle your toes, let it jump to your lips, tighten them, and move, move into position for what could be one of your finest sessions ever, it sometimes happens when we least expected
  • Number 7 – It’ll happen, that reserve will kick in.
  • Number 8 – try a different form of exercise, or sport, make it interesting and a new challenge, this will create excitement and curiosity, wonderful uplifting states.
  • Number 9 – Be creative and inventive, trick yourself by any means to get you there, the rest will take care of itself, you’ll click right into training mode.
  • Number 10 – Ask for someone to join you, someone with massive energy, who can help to feed your fitness motivation and drive, or even just to observe you, sometimes as we help to educate others in the art of exercise we go back to the basics and reinforce proper exercise form, benefiting our muscle memory, reminding us not to just go through the motions but to put thought to the movement..
  • Number 11 – Buy some new gym gear, shoes, clothes, or a fitness motivation training CD, this gives you a great reason to train, gotta brake’em in. And now for a full dozen
  • Number 12 – because I said soo, ha ha ha, Just kidding, remember this is your body, you make it the best it could be, you benefit from your work, your loved one’s benefit from your work, your neighbors benefit from your work, how, because you look good which beautifies the neighborhood, which in turn translates to higher property values, the world benefits from your workout because people who care about themselves usually have enough care left over for others and other things, so in short you’ve got a million great reasons and fitness motivation surplus, to trek out there and bust up an excellent training session!