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You are ready to start your first quilt, but what should your first quilt book be? I will be reviewing beginning quilt books to help you in making your decision. I have organized the book in alphabetical order by the titles. I have listed the title and author. Where there is no author, I have included the publisher.

Basic Quilting
Sherrye Landrum

A basic quilting book that is very easy to understand. It has large colored illustrations and easy directions on what to do.


It’s “El”ementary Quilting Tips & Techniques
Eleanor Burns

This is a good basic book for beginning quilters. It has easy clear cut instructions. It uses both words and pictures to help you. The book covers both piecing and applique techniques.


Machine Quilting Primer
Cynthia Martin

Machine Quilting Primer teaches the basics of machine quilting. The book offers six small simple exercises that will help you explore various techniques of machine quilting. By going through the exercises in order, you will develop the skills necessary to become a skilled machine quilter


Quilts A to Z: Twenty-six Techniques Every Quilter Should Know
Linda Causee

In this book there are twenty-six quilts for each letter of the alphabet. Some of the techniques that are covered are: applique, borders, English paper piecing, foundation piecing, kaleidosocpe quilts, rotary cutting, Sashiko (Japanese quilting), stitch and fly, templates, plus many more.It also covers pattern such as: Irish chain, Hawaiian quilts, log cabin, stain glass, etc. You learn a different pattern and technique in the quilts you make. For example: “The Lighthouse” quilt teaches you how to make a stained glass quilt. It is a very good first quilt book.

Quilting Basics
Celia Eddy

This first quilt book starts with clear step-by-step coverage of all the materials and basic skills a beginner need to start a quilt. Next, it demonstrates a range of quilting styles, patchwork, applique, machine and hand quilting.Each type has fully explained instructions and photographs. It has twelve projects that help you practice the techniques. These are small projects, such as: a wall hanging. quilters bag, Christmas stocking, baby play mat, etc.


Quilting for the First Time
Donna Kooler

Quilting For the First Time begins with the quilt basics. It covers such topics as: supplies, fabric, assembling a quilt top, border, binding, and caring for your quilt. It then teaches you these techniques with a small project for you to make. Some of the following projects are: tied quilt, machine applique, choosing colors, templates, foundation piecing, plus many more projects.

Teach Me to Quilt
Leisure Art, Inc.

Teach Me to Quilt is a first quilt book made for kids. It has easy to understand instructions with a lot of colorful illustrations. Some of the projects include: sewing caddie, floor pillow cover, pillow with photo transfer, quilt as you go tote bag, pillow topper, trip around the world throw (made with six inch patchwork blocks) and a pinwheel throw.


Teach Me to Quilt
Patricia Eaton

This booklet is arranges in 15 easy well illustrated instructions. Each lesson builds on and adds to the previous lessons. It walks you through quilt making from the selecting the fabric to binding the quilt. By the time you finish you have completed a sampler quilt and learned the basic skills needed for almost any quilting project. The quilts are made using templates instead of rotary cutting. Rotary cutting is faster and easier, but with templates you need less supplies. If your not sure if your going to continue with quilting, templates are better. This book was my first quilt book, that I used to teach myself to quilt.

Your First Quilt Book (Or it should be!)
Carol Doak

The authors purpose in writing Your First Quilt Book is to provide you with information about tools, supplies, and techniques for your first patchwork projects. The book includes the following chapters: Quilting Language, Fabric – including deciding how much you need, tools and supplies, pieced block designs, assembly of quilt tops, borders, beginning projects – these are done in black and white, quilting process, etc.

I hope these first quilt book reviews help you decide to start your first quilt.