Fishing with Heart Disease

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Fishing with heart disease doesn’t have to be a bummer. Life doesn’t stop after you have a heart attack, but you do have to use some good common sense. I suffered a blockage in the main artery of my heart that they call the widow maker.

It was 99 percent blocked and they said I was suppose to be dead. Hey! Fooled them! I am alive and still fishing every chance I get.

If your doctor says don’t go out in the hot sun because it will have adverse affects with your meds, then DON’T DO IT. There are many times of the day you can fish when it is cool, like the morning and evening. I know it is hard to go fishing for a couple of hours at a time but if you ain’t alive then you can’t fish at all! Use your head and all will pass in time. I don’t fish as much as I use to, but I know things will get better with time. All I have to do is take my meds, eat well and stay cool.

I did get stupid one day and went fishing during the hottest day of the summer. I thought I was going to stroke out. I GOT TOO HOT. Thank God my wife came down to fish with me that day. She may have saved my life. Sometimes when you are out by yourself, time just gets away from you. Before you know it, it’s too late. This is why, with heart disease, you should never fish alone.

Fishing with Heart Disease

So fish smart. Take a buddy, follow the doc’s advice and use common sense. During the hottest part of the year you can still fish – you just have to change your strategies a little bit. This might be a challenge for you to test new skills, but you know your limitations.

I was only 49 years old when my heart attack occurred. No one is immune to heart disease. Keep those regular check-ups and be safe. Happy Fishing!