Florida wedding – his beach wedding attire

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Which beach wedding attire should the groom choose?

One of the great advantages of choosing a beach wedding in Florida is the relaxed and informal setting you are establishing for your guests and yourselves.

The dress code will probably be less strict and both bride and groom in more informal attire. Be sure to mention this in the wedding invitations will you.

He should decide his beach wedding attire when the bride and bridesmaids have decided on what they will be wearing. If the girls are sticking to the informal beach wedding style so should you. If the bride wish to be bare feet you both should go for that.

My favourite beach wedding groom should wear white linen shirt and dark trousers. The shirt should hang loosely outside the trousers and be loose and have a nice opening at he neck. The man could be a bit rugged and with a nice tan…… well there you have it!

Florida wedding   his beach wedding attire

A Linen suits can be a good alternative for a the beach wedding attire. They look great, they breath and stay cool. Do not pick a white one if that is the colour area you had in mind. Choose sand colour or wheat colour! Sounds better than tuxedoes right? And while we are on the subject – tuxedoes just doesn’t do it on the beach so avoid it.

Other options could be a blue blazer with light trousers. That will give you a classy, elegant yet more informal beach look. I would skip the tie and unbutton the top button in the shirt.

And if you are deciding to go all the way pick Khaki shorts and a heavy coloured shirt….if the bride lets you…

For the beach wedding you can skip the jacket all in all if you wish…