Flute Information about Buying Your First Baby Flute

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Before we want to buy a flute, I strongly suggest some flute information that you should know. A good preparation is a good start, right? You can check used flutes for sale at the same time. There are some items or materials that you should have because it will be very useful as you learn to play a flute.

Here are the materials that you should have before your practice:

1, Flute of course. You may consider flutes for sale or a used flute.
2, Flute fingering chart and Flute trill chart.
3, Tuner.
4, Flute scales chart. This is very useful if you don’t know to read music.
5, Flute songs but optional. I choose to learn to play flute because of its lovely sound. Maybe you could get some idea before you really decided to choose to play flute.

How to Buy a New or Used Flute

There are normally three places for you to buy flute: the local music shop, a mail-order house, or a private party selling used flutes. Anyway, just do some researches before you commit to buy any flute.

Before you buy a flute, determine your budget is the most important step. Your budget will also determine whether you will buy new, used or rent a flute. Check whether got flutes for sale in your place. Sometimes someone will sell a flute because he wants to change to intermediate or professional model one. So it does mean that the used flute is probably in better condition and deserved to buy.

I bought a cheaper no-branded one. This is because i consider about my budget, my commitment and my knowledge in flute care and maintenance. Of course, you can see the differences and consider the better for yourself. But for me, if you are a beginner and just want to try to learn to play flute, you can buy a second-handed or rent a flute from a music shop until you enjoy enough to purchase. There are so many musical instrument in the world. Maybe it’s not the one for you. But if you don’t try, you will never know.

Flute Information about Buying Your First Baby Flute

Remember to choose a closed-hole and beginner-model flute no matter what if you just want to start to play flute. Ask the music shop whether can get discount, small gifts and warranty. Some music shops will offer free gifts and services. Then next time you may ask for discount when you want to buy flute accessories from the shop, like flute music books and even recommend flutes for sale when you want to change flute.

If you still don’t have any idea on how to choose, then you may do some researches and take your time. Don’t need to rush to buy a suitable flute as you will play it almost every day in the future. In my university, my lecturers always suggest that Yamaha brand is quite the famous brand of all. But it still depends on you because the owner of the flute will be “you”.

If you buy a new flute, the great advantage is you don’t have to worry that whether this flute is in good condition or not because you are the first owner of your baby flute. Well, sometimes people will only appreciate ,really learn hard and take good care of the flute if he or she owes it. If you are from this group, then maybe buying a flute maybe a suitable choice for you.

Compare the price and brand before you buy a flute. Ask some flute information from music teachers or music friends that you know. Searching in the internet is another way. Then analysis the cons and pros of your choice before you decided to buy.

If you decided to buy a used flute, it’s better to ask some advices from music friend that knows a lot about instruments and ask him to go together when you purchase if can to test the flute condition.

Flute Fingering Chart and the flute trill chart are the important guide that you should have. It can be found in some flute music books. And you can get the cd to get to listen to flute songs. I used to paste it on the wall, then I can refer when I practice. You can do that too. At least It reminds me that you haven’t practice to play flute today yet. Add it more color so that you won’t feel tense when you see it.

The price of the tuner is not the important factor. Just that it’s better to purchase a tuner which is 3 in 1, that is tuner, metronome and sound. I bought an Intelli-branded tuner when I started to play flute. It’s quite useful for me. You may try. But if you don’t have a tuner, I will provide an online tuner for your convenience shortly.