Fly fishing in Alaska

Superb fishing and wilderness character is what makes fly fishing Alaska so much fun.

Imaging yourself drift fishing through mile after mile of scenic wild back-country picturesque with gleaming caribou, grizzly, brown bear, wolf, and moose. Alaskan clear streams hold diverse fish species including Rainbow Trout, Chinook or King Salmon, and Coho or Silver Salmon.

Fly fish Alaska and you will quench your curiosity about a wild natural phenomena and catch more beautiful Salmon and Trout than anyone will believe! Fishing conditions and available species change weekly over the course of an Alaskan summer. The prime catch of fly fishing Alaska is the Chinook or King Salmon providing a supreme fly-fishing experience. This fish prefers the deepest part of the big rivers and requires weight and high density sinking lines.

However, there are exceptions to this rule when they run up the tributaries.

Travel the narrow troughs and shallow tail-outs of some of Alaska’s wildest streams and come face to face with these aggressive kings of the Alaskan rivers.

Fly fishing in Alaska

Can you imagine sight casting and hooking one these 20 to 50 lb. mammoth brutes in knee-deep water?

The most popular river in Alaska is the Kenai River, anglers from all over the world travel to Alaska to fish the Kenai River. Trophy size Chinook Salmon are caught every year, it’s no wonder why so many call the Kenai River one of the worlds most prized fishing rivers.

The Kenai River, flows approximately 80 miles in length, sits on the Kenai Peninsula and is just a short drive from Anchorage. If you are a first time visitor to Alaska, the Kenai River can be memorizing with its glacially fed brilliant blue waters.

If you are looking for Rainbow Trout the Bristol Bay area may be just the place in Alaska for you. Some of the worlds largest Rainbow Trout upwards of 18 lbs have come out of these Alaskan top waters. Rainbow Trout are featured for most of the summer.

Rafts set up for drift fishing provide an effective system to contend with these tall leapers.

Bristol Bay and the Alaska Peninsula have some of the best remote rainbow fishing left on earth with unspoiled scenery, clean waters and very big fish.

So pack your bags and catch more trophy fish than you ever dreamed possible amidst Alaska’s pristine wilderness.

The adventure of a lifetime fly fishing Alaska!!