Fly fishing in California

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California fly fishing will provide the fly-angler with great wild trout while wading over and around the boulders littering the Upper Sac River.

The Upper Sac was once used for rearing steelhead, salmon and Shasta Rainbow trout. Its crystal clear waters make it one of the most prolific wild streams in the west today. The river boasts 3,000 to 7,000 trout per mile, offering fast action. Browns and rainbows, occasionally migrating up from Shasta Lake, go over five pounds. Most of the fish found are Shasta Rainbows ranging from six to 20 inches.

California fly fishing is plentiful and varied. Redfish, rainbow trout, brown trout, sea trout, flounder and Sheepshead are among the species lying in pools awaiting fly-anglers. Popular baits include flies imitating Caddis flies, Stoneflies, Mayflies, grasshoppers and crickets.

The “McCloud River” is another top spot for California fly fishing. Beginning about 20 miles east of McCloud, the river flows toward town for about 15 miles and then plunges over three beautiful waterfalls into a steep volcanic ravine.

At the head end of McCloud Lake, PG&E diverts water to the Pit River and the Lower McCloud begins running south through 30 miles of rugged river canyon to Lake Shasta.

Fly fishing in California

It is in the “Lower” McClouds’ emerald tinted pools that fisherman will find angling as challenging as it is beautiful. A strain of native “Shasta” Rainbows lurk here and wild browns migrate up from Lake Shasta. The browns average four pounds, ranging up to more than 10 pounds.

The “Pit River” got its name from Native Americans who dug pit traps for game and intruders. It is very rough in the regions known as Pit 3, 4 & 5, below Lake Britton. Wading and hiking is difficult in the very rough terrain. If you can make the trip, it is worth it, however. Large numbers of rainbows going over 20 inches swim in these areas.

California streams can be wild, rugged and beautiful. California fly fishing is fast and furious in these remote areas. The beautiful terrain and the great fishing is an unbeatable combination.