Fly Fishing in Montana

Slash along grassy banks on Montana’s Madison River or wild Rainbow Trout swim through the clear waters of incomparable beauty. This is what truly makes Montana fly fishing legendary.

Go to Montana fly fishing and fish some of the finest back-country in the world located at Glacier Park.

You will stalk the fabled big-trout waters in anticipation of finding that mammoth fish. Seldom-fished and remote, these lakes and rivers are surrounded by glacier-carved peaks.

Anglers from all over the world make the journey to Montana just to experience fly fishing the amazing blue ribbon Trout Rivers and pristine mountain lakes.

Whether an angler seeks to battle trophy sized wild Rainbow’s on the Yellowstone River or to experience the solitude of a high mountain lake, Montana provides fly fishing experiences like no other place can.

Montana fly fishing provides such an abundance of opportunities…

that fishermen frequently have difficulty in deciding where to start their fly fishing adventure. Yellowstone National Park is internationally known as offering supreme fly fishing, in addition to the wonderful scenery, wildlife and thermal features located in the park.

You might be thinking…I thought Yellowstone was in Wyoming…Yes, it is true that, Yellowstone National Park lies primarily in Wyoming, but parts of the park are also in Montana and Idaho. The total size of Yellowstone National Park is a sprawling 2.2 million acres.

Yellowstone National Park has beautiful rivers that have a tremendous amount of variety, offering a fly fisherman a wide array of choices in where and how to fish. Wade anglers find Yellowstone National Park a wonderful place to fish. Additionally, as roads often roughly parallel many of the best fishing rivers in Yellowstone, access is relatively easy although short hikes will often be required.

Fly Fishing in Montana

Montana fly fishing in the mountains…

can provide an angler with some of the best fishing the state has to offer in a remote, isolated and serene setting. If you enjoy fishing in solitude, the mountains of Montana are the place to go. While there is a great deal of diversity in the types of fish in the mountains, the primary fish species include the Cutthroat Trout, Rainbow Trout and Golden Trout.

Due to the solitude of fishing in the mountains of Montana there is low fishing pressure, thus fish in the mountain lakes and rivers in Montana tend to be much easier to catch than their cousins that are found in the major rivers.

Most fish are easily caught on dry flies, particularly in the morning or the evening. However, don’t forget to take an assortment of nymphs, wet flies and midges with you for the times between dry fly hatches.

I know this is against everything traditional fly fishers stand for but live bait can also work well – although the use of live bait is often restricted in various mountain areas. So if you happen to carry a travel spinning rod and would like to try some live bait be sure to check the latest regulations before putting that egg, worm or minnow on a hook.

Any trip into the mountains of Montana will take you through some of the most breathtaking and varied country found anywhere in the United States. While some mountain areas do receive a fair amount of backcountry use by hikers, most mountain areas in Montana have only light use, allowing an angler to find solitude in a pristine setting.

So whether you are fishing the big rivers of Montana, or the quiet solitude of the back country, Montana fly fishing is some of the best you will ever experience.