Food at Kampong Glam, Singapore

The food at Kampong Glam is my reason to go there again and again.

Influenced by the history, the food served here is varying. You may eat Indian food which has a taste of Malay or Malay food with additional spices from Middle Eastern. Or, Malay food which has original taste of Padang Food (Padang is one of tribe in Sumatra, Indonesia).

Most of the above food is called “NASI PADANG“.

Basically you can find yummy Nasi Padang at Kandahar Street.

My favorite places are Warung Nasi Pariaman, Minangkabau Restaurant, and Sabar Menanti Nasi Padang.

Nasi Padang basically is rice served with few types of dishes such as “beef rendang”, “fried chicken”, “spicy grill fish”, “coconut tapioca leaves”, etc.

Food at Kampong Glam, Singapore

You can go to the food counter to order the food, choose the dishes you like, and the waiter will serve the dishes in a small plates.

I always amazed by the skill of the waiters in carrying the small plates. They can put five to seven plates in their arm. It’s very efficient, isn’t it?

And, if you observe the Malay people eating their Nasi Padang, you’ll know the best way to eat it is to use your hand – No spoon or fork.