Foods With Negligable Fat

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I was just thinking about the over the counter Orlistat drug, Alli which is a gastro-intestinal fat blocker. If you’re not already aware, it stops your body from absorbing fat in your diet.

Reducing fat in the diet is important, but it should not be left out altogether. Below I’ve listed a few foods that you can eat to reduce your fat intake without altogether excluding it.
Foods With Negligable Fat
Raw, steamed or boiled vegetables;
Fresh or canned fruit;
Fruit and vegetable juices;
baked beans;
rice and pasta;
crab and prawns cooked without oil or fat;
skim milk;
jam & sugar;
alcohol drinks;

I also thought it was interesting that the foods that are low in fat, may also be high in calories. Foods such as sugar and jam and alcoholic drinks. So it’s really a big balancing act.