Football training – How to build a powerful body with one quick drill?

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Here’s some great football training tips:

First, get a medicine ball! They provide a ton of valuable training exercises for football weight training. You know, a lot of people discount the value of medicine ball training, and I can’t figure out why! I spent just 15 minutes yesterday with my 20-pound medicine ball, and I could barely walk (or talk) afterwards! It’s one of my best football training tips. You want to talk about work? You want results? Get a medicine ball. You’ll get the total fitness package in a short trip to your “courage corner,” as Pavel Tsatsouline likes to call it…

More football training tips? Not a problem. But, be prepared!

You’ll spend about 15 minutes doing it. Get ready…this isn’t for the faint hearted…but, if you’re a football player…well, don’t get on the field if you can’t handle a little pain… First, make sure you’re good and warmed up…

Start with 20 “squat-throws.” Hold the medicine ball with both hands in front of your chest. Squat down as if you’re sitting in a chair.

Now, explode up and, at the same time, raise the ball up over your head. Throw the ball, using both arms, as high and as far in front of you as you can. A good rule of thumb is to throw the ball at least one foot above your flat-footed reach.

I like to throw mine against a basketball backboard (without the rim). That way, I don’t have to chase it very far!

This is an explosive movement. Go hard and fast. Keep a good pace. The benefits for football are obvious. Football is a game of explosive reaction. Good football training tips will center around this concept. Don’t rest between reps…unless you have to.

Football training   How to build a powerful body with one quick drill?

After you’ve finished your 20 reps….you’ll be breathing pretty hard…But, you can rest while you’re doing walking lunges…with the medicine ball held above your head. You need to fight through the fatigue. Concentrate and focus on being able to deliver when you’re breathing hard.

Stand with the ball held in both hands with your arms outstretched above you. Now, begin your walking lunges. No cheating! Full lunges, with your back knee just barely touching down on the ground as you step. Be careful not to extend your front knee over your toes.

Here’s a couple more football training tips: Do you know what separates teams in the fourth quarter?…

…The ability to fight though fatigue, pain, and the elements.

You must practice the way you play

Keep your balance! And, keep that medicine ball overhead. On a flat surface, get about 20 good lunges. If you’re bold enough to do this up-hill (you are tough!), try to get 10 good lunges. Now…you can rest! Take a good three to four minutes to catch your breath.

Okay, all rested up? Good! Begin your second set. Repeat the same routine.

After two complete sets, you should be pretty well whipped. And, my guess is you’ve trained less than 15 minutes. If not…then get another set in! Of course, adjust these sets and reps to suit your current conditioning level. The important thing is to get the hang of the exercise, and then push yourself for a 100% effort. Practice each segment of the exercises a few times before you go “for real.” Getting the right balance with the medicine ball overhead can be a little tricky. But, with just a little practice, you’ll get it.

Let me know if this changes your impression of medicine ball training!

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