Free to Good Home Dogs – Choosing a Dog from a Dog Shelter

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This phrase always sets the alarm bells off in every dog lover’s heart. The problem is, you can never be sure what you are taking on when you respond to an ad for Free to Good Home Dogs – and the end costs can be more than you’d ever be willing to pay.

Everyday, 1000s of animals exchange hands via this method and whilst registered Shelters and Rescue Centres are to be commended – and may sometimes even advertise Free Dog Adoptions, do not even consider going anywhere near an individual who is seeking to rehome a dog through a Free to Good Home Dogs advertisement.

There are many questions you should ask yourself -

    • I wonder why they’re giving away their pet? Could their given reason be genuine, or do they just want to get rid of a big problem?
    • How can they be responsible people when they’re willing to give an animal away to just anybody – I could be collecting animals to sell on to medical research laboratories (it happens – believe me.)
    • At best, they are unaware of these issues, but what does that do for their credibility, and what will I be inheriting?
      Whether you are looking to rehome your dog because of personal reasons OR whether you’re looking to get a dog, I would strongly recommend you go the Dog Shelter route and choose a really deserving dog or mature pup who will make the most faithful companion for the next decade or so.

      Shelters are great places to go to – the dogs have usually been thoroughly vetted for ailments, pests and temperament and the Shelter staff are usually very helpful, passionate about their animals, and able to advice you on the best dog to suit your situation and lifestyle.

Free to Good Home Dogs   Choosing a Dog from a Dog Shelter

Also on the plus side, is the fact that your dog may already be housetrained and have some generally good doggie ettiquette. Most dogs who need re-homing are over a year old, therefore you’ll have a better idea of what you are getting because you’ll be in a position to evaluate the dog’s personality.

Though some shelters do advertise Free Dog Adoptions, this is very rare. Generally getting a dog via a good Shelter will mean there is a cost involved. This is usually a token gesture, to ensure you are comitted to wanting this dog and able to afford its upkeep. In other words – they really care about what happens to the dogs in their charge – unlike people who offer their pets through Free to Good Home Dogs adverts.A good shelter will not knowingly pass on a sick or aggressive animal, and most dogs will leave a shelter only after being spayed or neutered, vaccinated, micro-chipped and checked over by the resident vet – so this is a very, very good option indeed.

Some shelters will also issue discount vouchers to have your dog mirco-chipped (if that has not been taken care of already) and provide you with on-going support and advice to make sure you and your new dog get off to a flying start. You’ll get none of this back-up from a Free to Good Home Dogs advert.

Do however, check the Shelter out with local authorities and only go to one that you are completely satisfied is bona fide. Pay them a couple of visits – you will quickly gain a feeling for the atmosphere and quality of the place by the relationship between the Shelter Staff and Volunteers and their animals.

Also, ask a zillion questions – the following will make good starters!

  • What history do you have on this dog?
  • What vaccinations, wormings, and tests has the dog had?
  • What behavior problems have been noticed?
  • What breed information is available from the shelter before the adoption?
  • Do you know if this dog has any objections to children, other people or pets?
  • Do you provide training services or referrals?
  • Do you provide consultation on behavior problems?There are only two drawbacks to obtaining your dog from a Shelter -
  • You may never really know your pet’s background and that can be a bit of a concern it is heart-breaking to be able to offer a home to only one out of all those wonderful dogs.- so do go prepared with a box of Kleenex if you decide to to to a Shelter when picking your puppy or dog. However, when it comes to choosing between a Free to Good Home Dogs advert and your local dog Shelter – guess which will benefit you more EVERY TIME? Your local dog shelter of course!

All in all – shy away from adverts offering free to good home dogs. You are so much better off paying your local dog shelter a visit. These “second time around dogs” are the most deserving dogs I know.

It would be so wonderful if you could give even one of them a loving home. They will love you, appreciate you and you will get that feeling you get which only comes from knowing you’ve done something really worthwhile.