Free Web Design Tips Guide

Use these web design tips to plan building a website. Learn how to make a website in this part of my tutorial. Learn to apply a few simple techniques to begin the creation process.

This section tells you what you need to consider before the actual doing begins.

Once you know how to plan what you want to accomplish you’ll be on your way to putting together your site page by page. It’ll be a snap!

Learning how to lay the initial groundwork will make you comfortable with your activities steps because you will know how’s and why’s of each action step you take.

Its not complicated.

Website Consistency Is Important

* Try to keep your website looking unified as a whole. This makes it look more professional — it also helps to get your message across to your visitors.
* A website that is filled with inconsistent pages appears tacky and that drives visitors away.
* On the other hand when your website is unified and consistent from page to page it shows people that you, creator, have spent some quality time to present a well-thought out and well-planned site for your visitors.
* Keep your pages uncluttered and above all keep them organized.
* Use consistent structures on pages, such as headers and footers, so your visitors can easily tell what your website is about and not get lost in a bunch of unorganized text and links.

Free Web Design Tips Guide

Manageable Maintainability

* Well-organized, well-designed websites are easy to maintain and improve.
* If your site is a disorganized and basically — a mess, it will cause you more work in the long run — not good.
* Remember, the more complex your website is, the more time you have to spend on making sure that all of the parts work together.
* Start simple at first and trying to maintain that simplicity — it pay off for you in the long run.

Designing Your Site

* You’ve probably spent a lot of time surfing the web, and you’ve probably noticed some sites that are well designed and others that are lacking to say the least.
* The design of your site is important — it sets the tone for your content and it potentially keeps visitors from leaving your site too quickly. It also them coming back to your website.
* The colors, fonts, images, and layout are key parts of your design.
* Developing an effective design takes time.