Freestylers and freeriders are choosing m3 snowboards

M3 Snowboards are multi-performance boards. Usually boards are designed specifically for one of the three styles of riders. M3-snowboards allow you to do tricks, jibbing, and nose presses. Along with freestyling you can freeride all over the mountain on different terrain. Let’s see what snowboarders have to tell us…

The M3 Axis riders explain, it is a good jibbing board. It’s a fairly stiff board, but is a little soft in the nose and tail. This type of M3 snowboards is perfect for nose presses. It has good pop for big kickers and it absorbs hard landings with ease. Riders like to use it in the park, it also handles powder well.

Secound of the M3 boards reviewed is the M3 Hybrid. It is for the more experienced rider. Riders experienced amazing edge hold and responsiveness. It is very stable, and one rider even cruised at 50mph on edge. The Hybrid has alot of pop and is very solid on the landings.

Freestylers and freeriders are choosing m3 snowboards

M3 snowboards like the M3 Cap have been ridden by many on Mount Hood. They find the flex stiff which gives the board alot of pop. The cap construction of the board prevents the edge from washing out at high speeds, carved turns and in icy conditions. The topsheet is made from new fiberglass resin which makes it 25% lighter than other topsheets.