French Bread Recipes

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For the sake of convenience the French Bread Recipes below are divided into three broad categories: Lean Dough Products, Rich Dough Products, & Rolled In Yeast Dough Products:

1. Lean Dough Products

A Lean Dough is one that is low in both fat and sugar content. These include:

• Hard crusted breads and rolls, such as the French and Italian breads and pizza;

La Baguette is one such hard crusted French breads. World renowned for its long and slender shape, crispy, golden crust and soft, white crumb- symbolic of the refinement and processing made possible by the industrial revolution.

It is the epitome of basic lean dough: flour, water, yeast and a pinch of salt; leavened, kneaded, proofed, & baked.

• soft-crusted white breads and dinner rolls that have a higher level of fat and sugar content, or contain eggs and milk solids;

Dinner Rolls are yeast-risen, lean dough product that typically contain one or more of the following ingredients: sugar, shortening and/or butter, egg whites, and milk powder,which contributing to a more tender crumb than that of a Baguette.

Depending on the composition of the roll, the time of fermentation, and its bake temperature, dinner rolls may be presented as soft or hard crusted.

French Bread Recipes

• and whole grain breads such as whole wheat, rye or pumpernickel; often flavored with molasses and caraway.

2. Rich Doughs Producs

In general Rich Doughs contain higher proportions of fat, sugar, and, sometimes, eggs than do the traditionally lean French bread recipes above. These rich doughs include:

• Non-sweet breads and rolls, rich dinner rolls and brioche. These have high fat content but low enough sugar that they are palatable as dinner breads;


Brioche Dough is a non sweet, rich dough containing copious amounts of butter and eggs which produce a tender yet rich crumb and a soft, golden crust.

Brioche is typically eaten for breakfast, as a late afternoon snack or used as a base dough for other French pastry recipes.

• Sweet rolls, including coffee cakes, breakfast and tea rolls. These have both high fat and sugar and, often, eggs; typically prepared with a sweet filling or topping.

Cinnamon Rolls are a basic sweet, rich dough product, made from the above Brioche dough recipe, stuffed with dried fruit and nuts, a healthy helping of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg…

Once in the oven, this delicious French bread recipe releases an exquisite aroma sure to pique the interests of family, friends, and neighbors alike.

3. Rolled-In Yeast Dough Products

Rolled-in doughs are those in which a fat, such as butter, is incorporated into the dough in many layers by means of repetitive rolling and folding. Such alternating layers of fat and dough give the baked product a flaky texture. The two most common categories of rolled-in dough french bread recipes include:

• Non-sweet rolled-in dough: the Croissant, perhaps the most famous of French bread recipes, and;

• Sweet rolled-in doughs: Danish Pastry.