French Dessert Key Ingredients

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Most of the French Dessert recipes you will find here are French desserts in English accompanied by their traditional and regional French names. Whether you are looking for a simple French desserts or a famous French desserts this compilation of dessert recipes should cover your needs.

**Please keep in mind… making Pastries and Baking requires following strict direction and ingredient proportions. It is recommended that you use a scale to weigh all your ingredients for the sake of accuracy. An ounce too much can literally make or break a molten lava cake.

The Five Key Ingredients used in baking French desserts are:
1. Flour
2. Egg
3. Sweeteners
4. Liquids
5. Fats

-Flour acts as sustenance to the dish as well as providing texture in the development of gluten. Gluten is a protein complex that is formed between two proteins found naturally in flour when in the presence of water. Kneading links these proteins together and creates long elastic chain characteristic of highly kneaded doughs.

French Dessert Key Ingredients

-Eggs primary objective is as an emulsifier between water and fat, in that it is capable of acting as a middle man in bonding these two substances that are repulsed from one another. Eggs also give a better texture to doughs and baked goods as well as leavening. Leaveners are products that make doughs rise, and eggs do just this when being cooked as the water molecules vaporize and leave whatever is being baked.

-Sweeteners generally speaking enhance the flavor of the baked good as well as provide a source of energy in calorie form.

-Liquids as different than fats are defined in their high content of water (H2O) and do the job of binding the ingredients together, leavening when cooked, or adding a creamy texture and additional flavor in the case of milk.

-Fats Fats are the major players in regards to softening the baked good and giving it that added boost in both flavor and texture.