French Dictionaries and translation

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There is not better way to continually learn more French than wise and content use of a good French dictionary. Care is needed if you try to use an English French dictionary to translate from English to French.

Best advice here is : better try not to use any word that you are not already familiar with. If in doubt, double-check by looking up the word in your French-English dictionary as well.

French Dictionaries and translation

A french-french dictionary or an english-french dictionaries?

Use a good French – French dictionary, like Le Petit Robert, regularly to deepen your knowledge of French.

You can then have it as a reference on your desk-top. There are very few true synonyms. Beware French cognates, ‘les fausses amies’!

Don’t make a habit of translating EVERY French word or phrase you meet into English. You are making things difficult for yourself. But what is an even worse idea is to translate a word into another word in the same language. Almost every word is unique.

Ideally learn French vocabulary in context. Figure out the meaning, if you can. Learn French ‘soundbytes’. Beware of false-friends, les fausses-amies.