French Entertainment

When one thinks of all the possibilities for entertainment in France he almost needs a French dictionary to sort it all out. There is so much to see and do and there is never quite enough time to do it. Let me assure you that the French dictionary to guide you through the entertainment available is there for you.

The question is, where does one start? On a first visit the cities are usually the first places we visit. There is so much history in each one that it is difficult to know where to begin. The small towns are the best places to settle and learn the language, but the cities are where we land. There are castles, museums, and famous places, so obviously we need some good tours to get us started. One can, however, do the best on his own, but where does he get the tickets? That French dictionary is there to guide you in your entertainment.

French Entertainment

When you arrive there are metros and buses to get you around inexpensively, but even though you know a few words, remember I told you that it took time for an English speaker to get his ear conditioned to where he could understand the locals. Your French dictionary will contain Your metro and bus passes to get you started on your new adventure.

There are Cabaret shows to see, but where does one find the tickets and make the reservations? There are the famous red double decker buses to ride. There are cruises on the Seine to make, as well as sightseeing in general. A trip to Versailles castle is always interesting. In the evening there are romantic dinners to entertain you and your loved one. The Louvre is always good for an entire day.