French Language Lessons to suit all learning styles

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Learning French is quite simply a terrific idea, regardless of age and circumstances. So, what are the best kind of French language lessons to look for

This is a crucial decision – and really, only you can decide.

What we can and will do, is try to show you the vast range of methods and possibilities of French language lessons available for you.

One-to-one French Language Lessons

This is the most expensive and certainly the most effective option IF you can find a terrific teacher; a teacher with whom you can feel at ease and develop a good learning relationship. Not easy. Best thing is to try and get some personal recommendations from someone who has already gone down this path. Ask around.

Then arrange to meet your prospective Tutor. Talk about exactly what you have in mind. Trust your ‘feelings’. Are you comfortable with this person. If you are ill-at-ease, it will hamper your learning progress. Just not worth the hassle.

French Language Lessons at your Local College

Advantages: usually inexpensive and reliable. You’ll have a qualified teacher. But, check how many will be in the class. Any more than 10 or 12, is far too many. You may not get a chance to USE your French. Consider also non-French considerations such as ease of access, parking etc.

French Language Lessons on CDs or Tapes

There are some terrific French Language lessons available on CD or tape. The very latest pedagogical know-how is often Incorporated in these products. Programmes like Pimsleur, PowerGlide, Auralog – you’ll find them at Amazon – are tried and true. They have worked for thousands.

French Language Lessons to suit all learning styles

But, will YOU learn French with French language lessons on CDs or tapes? This is what YOU have to decide. Remember: these products are not a cheap option. But, you can slot them in with your life-stye. You could for example, learn French as you languish in traffic jams to and from work. What could be a better idea?

The crucial factor here is to decide if you have the self-discipline to dedicate c. 30 minutes a day for a month of so to master your CDs. Make no mistake: the CDs work. The question you need to decide is: would you work, consistently, regularly until you master basic French?

If the answer is yes, then, this may be the ideal solution.

French Language Lessons Online

These are the latest ‘hot’ formula. Yes, you will be tied to your computer so this formula lacks the flexibility of CDs and tapes. But, good online courses offer a degree of interactivity that is very helpful. Some even offer your own personal tutor to encourage, to help you over the inevitable learning troughs.

French Language Lessons in France

This is a terrific formula but, I believe, only really value for money, when you have mastered the very basics. Work through your CDs or local College course and then, head for France. The range of choice is infinite. Check out the Alliance Francaise in Boulevard Raspail, Paris for probably the most inexpensive classes in a lively environment. But, you can also find excellent French language lessons in most significant towns. So, why not think of lovely Montpellier, or, if you like great wines, Bordeaux is worth a visit. Of course, once you have a grip of basic French, you will learn loads of French all day – not just at your French lessons.

Another suggestion: don’t be afraid to go to France on your own. You will learn more French if you go on your own – and you will find that most of the folk in your French language class will be lone travellers. (Your fellow students will come from around the globe, all ages; all levels, so there is room for YOU!)

Conclusions about French Language lessons

We now appreciate that each of us has a different kind of intelligence, a different way of learning. Respect yours. Find French lessons that suit YOUR intelligence. Find a method that you are comfortable with. This is how you make most progress fastest and enjoy learning French.