From Leather – Biker Gloves, Biker Boots and Biker Jackets

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Biker Boots, Biker Gloves, Biker Jackets and Chaps must allow maximum freedom of movement as well as looking good.

Leather has these features and can also provide

  • protection against abrasion,
  • wind resistance,
  • water resistance
  • and it’s breathable – so it will keep you cool

Since 1910 when the first bikes were introduced leather was chosen because it had all these qualities.

But in very hot climates man made materials have proven to be more suitable. Above certain temperatures leather doesn’t breath enough and there is danger of heat stroke. In these areas carbon fiber and kevlar are used as they offer a cooler alternative.

Are there different styles?

  • Full racing leathers or separates?
  • Trousers or Chaps?
  • Separate Helmet and Goggles or a Lid?

All controversial subjects in the world of biking! The answer of course is that it’s down to personal choice.

From Leather   Biker Gloves, Biker Boots and Biker Jackets


The quality of the clothing and equipment, is vitally important. Bikers live dangerous lives and need to be protected.

  • Zips on their biker jackets need to be long lasting.
  • The toes on their biker boots need to be fully reinforced
  • and their biker gloves need to offer adequate protection in the event of that ‘Little Mishap’

But – they must always give bikers the confidence that they will last a lifetime. This is only possible where top quality raw materials are used by first class craftsmen.