From Marciana Marina to Marina di Campo, Western Elba, Tuscany

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Western Elba

From Portoferraio, Marciana Marina is the most significant beach you will encounter.

Other than this beach, western Elba has more to offer. The drive to this side of the island also offers one of the most breathtaking vistas in Italy.

Heading for Marciana Marina, you will pass by two towns with their own beaches – Procchio and La Biodola as well as some equally beautiful smaller resorts.

  • La Biodola can be described as exclusive, chic, elegant, fashionable, and pretty. It is only 3 km. from the capital city.
  • Le Ghiaie more famous as a beach garden, its multi-colored pebbles, and for its proximity to the city.
  • Procchio one of the most expensive and largest resort in the island.
  • La Paolina – named after Napoleon’s sister who used to go sunbathing here (in the nude). Other than this beach, there is a small island that is accessible by a basic water transport.
  • Nestled amidst a long valley among magnolias, palms, and oleander, Marciana Marina is postcard-perfect.This is an old fishing village that successfully transformed itself into an elegant resort. The old quarter features cute pastel-colored houses. The Torre Saracena, an old Pisan tower reminds visitors that this village was not peaceful as it is now.

    Every August 12, the town holds a fireworks display at the port in honor of their patron saint – Santa Chiara.

From Marciana Marina to Marina di Campo, Western Elba, Tuscany

In between these beaches, there are about 15 or more smaller beaches that are equally stunning and beautiful. I also personally like Viticcio. Located south of Enfola and just about 6 km. from Portoferraio, it is a quiet beach perfect for nature-lovers and for just watching the waves.

When in the Marciana area, swing by the medieval villages of Marciana Alta located south of Marciana Marina. For an unforgettable joy ride, and a spectacularly beautiful view of the whole of Elba, the mountains of Tuscany, the nearby islands of Capraia, Montecristo, Pianosa, Giglio and Corsica, ride the cable car to Monte Capanne, the highest mountain peak in the island (1,018 meters above sea level).

Cable trips start at 10:00 a.m. daily. The departure point of the cable car is at a parking lot just before reaching the town.

If not pressed for time, visit the Antiquarium, and the hot springs.

Poggio is another medieval village near Marciana Alta. This village is near Monte Perone, the source of Elba’s bottled spring water – the Napoleone.

Going further into the rugged south coast of the island, you will encounter the largest resort – Marina di Campo. Also one of the most popular, this village blends antiquity with modern amenities. It has plenty of bars and restaurants and has a vibrant nightlife as well as some old caves and hermitages.

Nearby are the medieval village of San Ilario and San Piero in Campo with their Romanesque churches. For those interested in antique art, the church of San Nicolo has interesting frescoes.

Then, a few kilometers further south are one of the finest beaches you will encounter. These are San’Andrea, Patresi, Chiessi, Sechetto, and Cavoli. Worth mentioning is the exceptionally beautiful lovely stretch with a rocky promontory beach of Fetovaia, my favorite in this part of the island.

Pomonte is an unspectacular beach, and very hard to reach, but for those who enjoy snorkeling or diving, this is the place. There is a sunken cargo ship here that is now inhabited by interesting fishes. A few divers have visited it and enjoyed the underwater sight.

Again, I have skipped some 20 or more beaches. These are for you to discover on your trip to explore Elba’s beaches and attractions.

Marciana Marina is just a start of a memorable beach vacation. Stay awhile also at Portoferraio and tour its many attractions.

Enjoy your stay in Elba.