Frugal Family

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We were a frugal family, who lived in the country, when I was child. We worked hard, we played hard, and we had the kind of fun money could not buy.

Starting in late spring, or early summer we would end each evening with our parents sitting on the porch, listening to Beethoven.

The midwest summer nights have a feeling of velvet swirling around you. The sky looks like dark velvet with diamonds in it. The air is muggy and humid like a velvet cloth.

Many summer nights I would lay out in our yard and listen to Beethoven, watching fireflies, or lightning bugs streak across our yard. I would chase them, and chase them. My secret was I did not like to catch them, like my brothers did.

Frugal Family

A certain time of the summer always meant falling stars were going to put on a show. My mom always knew when it was to happen, and the anticipation would make us giddy with smiles!

Being raised in a frugal environment I never knew any other way. Fun meant fireflies and Beethoven. Sprinklers and Sunshine. Baby animals and a nice breeze. Laughter, and Hide & Seek. Work was fun if you let it be. Saying no to buying one thing, always meant saying yes to something else.

Attitude was always the biggest frugal decision you had to make for yourself.

This developed in me a resourcefulness that I would carry with me all my life. Frugal has never meant drudgery to me. It has always meant “Fireflies and Beethoven!”