Frugal Fashion doesn’t have to Mean Cheap Clothes

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In todays economy most shoppers are having to develop a more frugal attitude. When it comes to clothing no one wants to suffer even when times are hard.

Everyone wants to remain fashionable. I have a few tricks to help out families in todays market.

One of the easiest tricks is learning when to shop. There are key days of the year to shop.

Once you learn these days you can save a fortune on clothing. In todays times a person has to gain some knowledgeable fashion sense, from choosing items that can be interchangeable and developing a mix and match wardrobe.

Let us start with the days to shop. At the beginning of every season the clothes from last season will be placed on clearance. This is one of the best times to shop and gain great deals. Now during this time you do not buy printed pieces, but solids that never go out of style and carry on into the next season.

The best time of the year to shop wisely is Easter weekend, July 4th, memorial day, labor day, thanksgiving day and Christmas sales.

During these times you will get more value for the dollar, instead of paying full price. It is best to research the stores as well. Most department stores have year around clearance sections, in these areas you will find many valued pieces, not only for adult fashions but for teens and children as well. You have to investigate each store.

Frugal Fashion doesnt have to Mean Cheap Clothes

Old navy in each department has a clearance section where you find valuable savings for the whole family. And you do not trade fashion for value. The pieces you find are wearable for another season or two.

Layering for the winter is another beneficial way of adding to a frugal budget. Tank tops can be worn under a sweater giving a layered effect. As well there are certain tank tops that can be paired up with a long sleeve shirt offering a fashionable statement.

Investigate the place you enjoying investing your dollar, ask questions from the sales associate, find out when the 2 for 1 specials are. That way you give your family fashion sense at a budget friendly price.