Frugal Grocery Shopping

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The hardest thing about frugal grocery shopping is two fold. Some items keep gaining in price so much lately that we don’t really know which frugal foods it would be safe to say are good buys.

Therefore we are going to give you some other ideas we have used that you will be able to take with you when frugal grocery shopping.

Needs vs. Wants

One of our biggest money savers is to decide what is a need and what is a want. Then we buy everything we need and a couple of want items.

We don’t feel you should go with out all wants unless you must for financial reasons. Striking a comfortable balance is a good thing. Otherwise the next time you go to the store you will over buy because you feel like you did with out. So find that good balance between all needs and a few wants you can live with.

What fills you up?

Another thing we discovered in our journey is eating items that fill you up are a big money saver.

For example: Chinese food. We love it and have it once in a while. But it does not last long and you are hungry again sooner rather than later. On the other hand a big pot of beans and ham, with some corn bread and no ones hungry again till breakfast.

Again we say this is a balance thing don’t give up chinese food just make it once in a while and the things that fill you up make a mainstay of your diet.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead will reap great rewards. Know what you need and exactly what you will buy. And buy only those things. You will be surprised how much you save.

Frugal Grocery Shopping

Too many options

I remember taking my child to the toy store. They had so many options they could not decide. It is the same at the grocery store they give so many options that its a wonder we ever get out of there. So be decisive about your options. Know what you want when you get there.

Drinking liquid sugar

One of the things that really takes a lot of our money is soda pop. If you can not live with out it….then learn to make your own. It will be better for you (less calories), cost less, and could be fun!


Just the name sounds unappetizing! We call them Right-unders. We do planned leftovers. We plan ahead how we will use them. Then freeze them for future use.

We also do it on purpose. Like with a chicken. If a chicken costs $5, then we try to figure out how many meals we can get from that. That will show us how cost effect it is to buy. If we can get 5 meals that s a $1 a meal for the meat. That s not bad at all.

We like to do the same with turkey. After it is cooked we put it into freezer bags and put it in the freezer. There is nothing like having turkey and stuffing once in a while out of the blue.

Convenience foods

We always strongly advise to learn to make your own Convenience foods. In our opinion they taste better!

These are some of the ways we cut our costs. We hope some of them work for you also in your frugal grocery shopping.