Furniture made in Western Australia

Furniture made in Western Australia is generally built from world class hardwoods. Sourced from the Southwest of the state, these timbers are as beautiful and diverse as the country in which they are grown.

The main species are Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata) a beautiful timber with red tones ranging from salmon pink to dark reddish-brown, and Marri (Corimbia callophylla) with delicate honey tones.

Trees four hundred years old are not uncommon. Although are now rarely commercially logged. These species are used for both furniture and strip flooring, kiln dried and accurately machined.

Recycled timber has now become very popular in Australia.

Furniture from recycled materials generally has a real story behind it.

Most manufacturers will be able to tell the history of the materials they are using.

Furniture in Western Australia has evolved over the last 20 years.

Furniture made in Western Australia

Natural Feature grade has become very popular with consumers and furniture makers.

It has an easy to work tight straight grain and is very durable.

Western Australia’s forrest management agreement.

Forrest management practices are now world renown and are of a very high standard.

No more old growth logs are being cut.

All the major timber mills are now located south of Perth.

Small mills that used to operate around the Perth area are now gone.

Any mills that are left in the Perth vicinity are only cutting logs from private land, often from housing development subdivisions.