Garden Fountains – Serve both function and decoration for your home & garden

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Garden fountains come in all shapes and sizes and are made out of various materials. Some are the very large fountains found in city squares or parks while others are much smaller for the home gardens.

Furthermore, garden fountains are made from stone, wood or bamboo, metal, fiberglass and more. Cost for garden fountains can range from extremely expensive to very inexpensive depending where you buy it, whether it is made by a craftsman, or a do-it-yourself project.

Functions of Garden Fountains:

  • A natural place for birds to wash & drink
  • Soothing sound of flowing water
  • Can help block out sounds such as traffic, neighbors, etc
  • Can be a centerpiece or positioned in the background

Additional Note:

Many old city squares use fountains because they look great and provide a place for people to congregate and to talk in privacy. For your home, the sound is soothing yet provides enough background noise to enjoy a private conversation in the back yard.

Garden Fountains   Serve both function and decoration for your home & garden

Garden Fountains   Serve both function and decoration for your home & garden

Décor aspects of Garden Fountains:

  • Adds extra curiosity & interest to a flower garden
  • Attracts birds
  • Can make a garden more attractive
  • They come in traditional styles or modern

Various Types of Fountains – There are several types of fountains depending on function and placement. They are basically divided into Indoor Garden Fountains and Outdoor Garden Fountains. These include the following types:

  • Tabletop garden fountains
  • Traditional garden fountains that mimic bird baths
  • Wall mounted garden fountains
  • Watering can fountains
  • Cast Brass Fountains
  • Others designs & functions

History of Garden Fountains:

Ancient Egyptian tombs show the use of garden fountains within courtyards of the wealthy. These typically looked like rectangular pools and were lined with decorative trees.

The ancient Japanese created a water basin fountain that has been used for centuries. They originated in ancient shrines & temples for worshipers to wash their hands & rinse their mouths before entering as an act of purifying the mind and body.

The ancient Romans also had many types of pools, baths, and garden fountains which flowed into the Italian Renaissance period as well. Garden fountains have been around for centuries in all cultures and continue today as a garden décor.