Garden Pest Control Failures

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There are many reasons measures to control pest in the garden may not be working correctly. Below is a re-cap of some key ones:

* Wrong Product: This is the most basic and simple reason. Read the labels closely and don’t just take the advice of a well meaning friend… read and figure out if you are using the right pest control product.

* Pest Resistance: Just like with diseases like TB for example, if exposed repeatedly to the same or a closely related chemical, pests can change and develop genetic resistance. This is more of a problem with farmers that grow the same crop over and over but occasionally switching the chemical families used in your landscape is still a good idea.

* Product Breakdown: Your pest control product does have a shelf life. If it is too old or stored incorrectly it may breakdown and lose its effectiveness. One solution is to only buy what you need for a series of applications.

* Lost Patience: It takes time to eliminate some garden pest (example: Grubs could take several weeks after treatment). When you rush you make mistakes. Follow the instructions and wait.

* Follow Directions: Manufacturers have good reasons for putting specific application rates on their pesticide labels. Too little or too much will either not work or do harm to your plants.

* Guessing on Problem: If you are not sure what disease or pest is affecting your plants get help. Local Master Gardeners or Country Extension Agents can help (at the very least bring a sample into your local garden center).

* Timing: There are correct times and wrong times to apply garden pest control. Understanding the pest’s life cycle so you know when they are most vulnerable is best. Most product labels have this information on them and you can also contact a local Master Gardener for help on this.

Garden Pest Control Failures

The most important thing in all of this is to follow the directions exactly!!! Manufacturers have spent a lot of money figuring out how to best control specific pest and print the recipe to do so on their packages.