Garden Power Tools, Hedge Trimmers, Pressure washers, Lawn aerators and Garden tillers

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Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers are Garden Power Tools that can be split up into two types, Electric and Petrol.

Some information that applies to both types is :-

1)More power will cut quicker and will go through thicker branches.
2)A longer blade length will cut more material with each sweep.

But remember the longer the blade the more powerful the motor is needed.

The wider the gap between the teeth of the blade, the thicker the material you will be able to cut.

Garden Power Tools, Hedge Trimmers, Pressure washers, Lawn aerators and Garden tillers


Garden Power Tools like the Electric Hedge Trimmers are easier to use than hand shears on long hedge runs and are able to cut through most material easily.

If you don’t have a power point in the garden you may need an extension cable to run from the house or garage, also be aware of cutting through the cable.

Hold a loop of the cable in your left hand so that you’re not pulling the cable out of the machine. And always use an RCD, (Residual Current Device),when using Power Tools in the garden.


Petrol Hedge Trimmers are the professional’s choice. If you cut a lot of hedges and shrubs, then these are the Trimmers to go for.

They also give you the freedom. No pesky cables or power points to bother with. They are a lot heavier, more expensive and you need to keep filling them up with fuel, (usually a 2 stroke mixture), but you can cut a lot of material with these in a very short amount of time.

Lawn Aerator / Scarifier

These machine come as Electric or Petrol and are used to aerate a lawn and remove any thatch and compacted grass.

Unless you have a very large lawn or the lawn is a distance from any power point then an electric Lawn Aerator will suffice.

If you have a very small lawn then push aerators are available, but for a few pounds extra electric ones make life easier.

Used once or twice a year, mid-season and at the end, Garden Power Tools like the lawn aerator allows air and water to penetrate the surface of the lawn and keep the roots healthy and growing.

Electric Aerators, also known as Scarifiers or de-Thatcher’s have a cylinder which has tines protruding from it, which rip into the lawn surface and remove any dead grass or thatch collecting the proceeds into a box on the front of the machine rather like a lawn mower.

Petrol Lawn Aerators are Garden Power Tools used mainly for larger areas of grass and instead of using thin wire tines to remove the dead grass,this machine has metal blades that cut up to 2cm deep into the lawn.

Garden Tillers / Rotavators

If you have just moved into a new garden, if you have a vegetable plot or a large allotment, then you may just have use for one of these machines, otherwise you will be using a hand spade.

Used for cultivating, (digging over), large areas of land. The smaller Garden Tillers have the blades at the front of the machine, whilst the larger machines have the blades at the back.

The exception to this is a machine like the Mantis tiller which was designed to go in-between rows of plants or to till between shrub beds. Being only approx 15cm wide, but like its larger cousins still runs on a petrol mixture.

Pressure Washers

These machines are used extensively throughout many industries, some being very powerful.

The Pressure washers that we require around the home and garden and the one’s that you should look towards buying have a pressure rating of between 110 bar to 125 bar.

Although not an essential tool to start out with, they do allow you to keep the established garden clean and free from green paths and slippery patios.