Garden Route Accommodation

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Garden Route Accommodation is a travel experience all it’s own.

South Africa has a wide range and types of accommodation. In the major cities such as Cape Town, you can find major hotel chains such as The Southern Sun Chain as well as private villas, exclusive guest houses, and luxury self-catering apartments. The larger chains are often absent in the smaller centers.

Regardless of where you are on the Garden Route, it is almost a certainty that where you stay will be as luxurious as any top accommodation you have known anywhere. The rooms are well appointed, often with a distinctly African flavour or if they are on the beach, a distinctly “kick off your shoes and relax’ atmosphere.Myself, when I first came to South Africa, I came to experience Africa so I lean a tad more towards those lodges and guest housesthat have showcased something uniquely South African.

Garden Route Accommodation

The main difference between Self-catering (sometimes called self serve) and a top rated hotel is that you are the cook if you eat in. The self serve part is the kitchen facilities. This can be particularly handy if your stomach is finicky and only accepts your own type of cooking or if you have food allergies. Some folks prefer to eat before they venture out to face the next golf course with all it’s challenges. If tee time makes breakfast time a logistics problem instead of a relaxing meal, then self catering is something you may want to give some serious attention to. When you come back, relax in your own living room and relive all the great shots you took on the course or get something out of the bar and mourn the good shots you missed.

Things such as pools are less crowded in the smaller lodges and guest houses. A leisurely 10 laps in the pool is stress free.

I found that Accommodation on the beach along the Garden Route usually had a patio or a balcony. I stayed at one place on the Garden Route that was right on the beach and had a huge balcony. My good fortune had me there at the same time as an air show which I watched from beginning to end from the balcony and never once had someone block my view. South Africa hosts some super air shows so if that is one of your interests, be sure to mention it when you write. If there is a show when and where you are going, we’ll let you know.

We have quite a list of licensed and approved accommodation. Some we’ll highlight here and others will be in our newsletter. You can sign up for a subscription at the bottom of the page. The government here does not give just anyone a license. Owners must meet their very high standards.

So! Where are these great guest houses, retreats and lodges? Here are just a sampling of the places on our list. If you are a small group of 4 or 5, and especially if you love being on and near the Ocean, the 4 Knysna Quays will leave you feeling like you are Royalty.

Or perhaps there is just the two of you having a lovely romantic golf tour of the Garden Route. You will truly enjoy staying at a place that is perfect in every way like the Head Over Hills. This is a wonderful luxury retreat type of place to visit with rooms that are named – there is an Elephant Room and a Dolphin Room etc. I urge you to surf on over and be sure to click on the icons beside each room.

The Elephant Room has really great information on the Knysna elephant. The Dolphin Room has a heart warming true story about the local Dolphins. The stories for each room are set up to print and they are definitely colourful and interesting enough to want to keep.

The Belvidere is a cluster of 34 wonderfully cozy cottages. Every one has either a terrific view of the Knysna Lagoon or it faces onto a colourful garden. Fix you own meals or trip over to the Manor House where you can choose the mouth watering items on the menu at Caroline’s Restaurant.

My experience with South African Accommodation has often ended up being a “Less is More ” situation. Much of the Accommodation is privately owned. As a part of the community, owners of smaller places most often are very up to date on what the area has to offer, the tribes that live nearby and their customs and folklore as well as the area’s wildlife and entertainment.

If you are among the group of tourists who always stay at big, known hotel chains, South Africa is the best place I can think of to stray from that routine a little and try the guest houses and self serves along the Garden Route. As I mentioned earlier – the standards here for accommodation are very high.