Garden Route Golf Courses

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Garden Route Golf Courses are numerous – all great spots to golf. Some Garden Route Golf Courses that are elsewhere on this site will be moved here shortly. Other new golf courses will be added. Our golf and travel packages are not limited to the Golf Courses you see here, so if there is a Golf Course you would like to try, let us know. There are hundreds of Golf Courses in South Africa so we highlight a few. But be assured we know them all and will line you up with courses that are on your route or that you specify. Email from us will bring you any information you require to put together a ‘never to beforgotten’ golf tour.

Simola is a super Course to golf while you tour the Garden Route and it is one of the new additions. Enjoy!

The Links at Fancourt
Plettenberg Bay Golf Course
Simola Golf Course


Simola Golf Course is a Jack Nicklaus designed course on the Garden Route that you are going to want to play if you are golfing and touring around the Garden Route.

If you golfed at Simola prior to 2005, you played a nine hole golf course. So be prepared! It is now a 72 par, 18 hole golf course. It can be found in the beautiful Outeniqua Mountains behind Knysna. As well as a terrific golf game, the Simola course offers wildly terrific photo ops of the Knysna Lagoon and surrounding Garden Route landscape so pack your camera.

Garden Route Golf Courses

Anyone who has golfed other Jack Nicklaus courses will recognize his unique way of taking the natural lay of the land and turning it into a world class golfing arena without destroying any of Mother Nature’s fine handiwork. Before you leave South Africa, I am sure you will agree that Mother Nature has outdone herself here on the Garden Route.

The matter of which hole is the “Signature Hole” is still being debated. Some say the 3rd hole is definitely the Signature Hole. I have heard others say, “No, it is really the 10th.” And then today I got a letter, and I quote,”we would say the 6rd – par 3 or the 16th – par 4.” Since your opinion is by far the most important opinion, there is nothing left except for you to golf Simola yourself and decide for yourself which hole is your choice for “Signature” status. (Think I will send a note to my favourite S.A. Golf Magazines and suggest they turn this into a contest or a poll.)

And what do you need to know about Simola before you golf it? Well, it might help to know that even though this is a carts only course, you are going to have to do a fair amount of walking. So be sure to stay fit, eat your ‘Wheaties’, and be prepared to face challenges that are new and elevation shots that are tough. If you think you were just handed an optical illusion because what looked like a long shot turned out to be a much shorter shot (or visa versa), well maybe you were. Knowing such things are possible, however, should give you a bit of an edge over those that don’t know. My advise! Play it twice. Once to figure it out, take note of blind spots etc. and the second time to cash in on your newfound knowledge about this spectacular course. But that’s me and I have to tell you honestly, I have never won any prizes for my golf game unless you count that Skunk Prize I won eons ago!


Type – Parklands golf course.
Holes – 18. Par – 72.
Fairway Grass – Kikuyu
Length: Championship: 6095m
Ladies: 5,453
Seniors: 5189m


  • Proshop
  • Changing rooms
  • Restauraunt
  • Driving range
  • Putting green
  • Golf carts

    Recommended Sites to visit for more Information:

    Telegraph.co.uk Has a good video interview with Mr. Nicklaus.

    Compleat Golfer Visit them on site or buy their magazine for fantastique coverage of Golf as it is in South Africa.

    Are you ready to start putting together your custom golf tour? But if you are 75 years old, for example, you may not be interested in bungi diving (But I have met exceptions!). If you are 21 years old, you very well might want to bunji jump or go on long, physically demanding hikes. A romantic holiday may take you to one sort of accommodation, a business and pleasure trip may take you to a different sort of place.

    The Links at Fancourt

    Gary Player and his design team have built some extremely impressive golf courses since they started. But when he, his design team and owners/financiers, Hasso and Sabine Plattner got together and created The Links at Fancourt, the result was and still is, THE Most Impressive effort yet. From listening to some who have played it, I am not alone in my thinking. 2003 saw the Links at Fancourt hosting the President’s Cup – not a bad start for a new course!

    As golf courses go, it is relatively new – opened in late 2000. A realtor would be chanting ‘Location! Location! Location!’ and this course certainly has Location – it is on the fabulous Garden Route which runs along the warm, blue Indian Ocean. There are the Outeniqua Mountains in the background, the fabulously blue Indian Ocean in the foreground while the course and surroundings are a meticulously maintained dune-styled landscape. The Links at Fancourt is the only one of the three Fancourt Courses that allows visitors who are not booked in guests of the hotel or members.

    Of course, with a name like “The Links at Fancourt” it is a foregone conclusion that it is styled after Scotland’s link style courses. Some players get disoriented, or so they say, and think they are playing in Scotland. Although, that is where our balmy weather should put you squarely back into reality. I love Scotland but they just do not get our Garden Route weather! And only those Canadian Polar Bear swimmers would brave the North Sea in December after a round. It’s impossible to confuse the Indian Ocean with the North Sea!

    All eighteen holes on this course are a challenge and then some. Someone gave me this good advice, “Carry more balls than you usually do. You’ll need them!” Now I am passing this little gem of wisdom on to you. Trying to pick the most challenging is , well it’s a challenge! But being a brave sort, I am going to take a stab at it and say the toughest hole is the 4th. It’s a par 4. It’s 429 meters long. It is a strong invitation to you to be very, very accurate from tee off to “look Ma! I got it in hole!”

    Choosing the most picturesque hole is also a contest I am not sure I can win. The entire course is a wonder to behold. It is is just plain awe inspiring! I’m leaving this one to you to choose. And there is little way for you to miss it. Walking the course is mandatory. The only exception is made for people with valid medical excuse and they must bring a note from their doctor or, you guessed it. No Carts!


  • Length: Ladies 6,154 m; Gents 6,532 m
  • Holes:18 holes
  • Type: dune-style Links
  • Par 72
  • Grass: Both Greens and Fairways: a mixture of Bent, Rye, Kentucky Blue and Fescue. Greens are predominantly Bent grass.

    Amenities Available:

  • Shuttle service between hotel and cours
  • Pro Shop
  • Full Clubhouse Facilities
  • Full Spa Facilities
  • Shopping
  • Child Care Facilities
  • 4 Restaurants
  • Other sports such as tennis, swimming, ridingRecommended Site to visit for more Information: 

    Plettenberg Bay Country Club

    Plettenberg Bay is a part of the Garden Route not to be missed by summer sports fans of all sorts! Each sport claims Plettenberg Bay (simply referred to as Plett by locals and local wannabes) as their own. But since I am into golf and since there are two golf courses right here and a host of others within very easy reach, I am going to call it a Golf Town. “Yup! definitely a Golf Town! ”

    The first Course is the Plettenberg Bay Golf and Country Club.Located in the Piesang River Valley, Plettenberg Bay Country Club has a magnificent golf course designed by Robert Hawtree. This Club has undergone some transformation since the mid 1990′s – and the year 2000 saw further upgrading by Rob O’Friell.

    Something you should be aware of when golfing here is that you are golfing in a nature reserve. SO! Plant life is to be respected and animals have the right of way, especially the alluring Knysna Loerie.

    Situated in the Piesang (Banana) Valley, The Plettenberg Bay Golf and Country Club is surrounded by mountains and hills and is about a 5 km hike or drive from the spectacular Plettenberg Bay beaches. The Piesang River wanders through this entrancing and challenging golf course.

    The Clubhouse was rebuilt at the turn of the century – the most recent turn of the century Garden Route Golf Courses ) The course has been designed as a Parkland type course with fairways of kikuyu grass and greens of bent. They have their own automatic sprinkling system so the grass is always green(er) here. North Americans who have not golfed in South Africa will be able to chock up a new golfing experience as these grasses are quite different to those grasses grown on their home courses.

    Like so many South African golf courses, it is hard to get a consensus on the most memorable hole. On this course, I have come up with at least 6 different holes getting a vote from some one. Hole 1 is down, hole 9 is up. Hole 4 is a very long par 5. Hole 11 is reputed to be the shortest par three in South Africa measuring in at 110 meters. Hole 14 has a dog leg left and is up hill. Hole 10 is down and 18 uphill. But the winner seems to be Hole # 14 with it’s curves, trees, bunkers,and upward slant to mention a few of it’s characteristics. While there are many traps and hazards, the Piesang River may prove to be the biggest. Think of the golf stories this place will leave you with.

    A point of interest about this course is that the entire area has been designated as a Nature Reserve where an alien tree eradication program is in effect. Many of the trees in South Africa are imports from South America and Australia. There is a move underway to return this area back to it’s natural state with only indigenous trees and plants.


  • Type – Parklands golf course
  • Holes – 18
  • Par – 72
  • Fairway Grass – Kikuyu
  • Greens Grass – Bent
  • Distance: 5034 m – 5954 m


  • Rental of Golf Clubs
  • Popular Pub
  • Practice Pitching, Chipping and Putting green facilities
  • Golf carts or caddies
  • Handy to all those other sports and entertainmentsI’ll be back! Gotta go take a round out of a bungi jumper. He wants to argue that this is a Bungi jumping town just because Plettenberg Bay has the World’s highest bungi jump at Bloukrans Bridge. Two Top Golf Courses vs. one bungi jumping bridge? No contest!