Gemstone Silver Rings And How To Choose Your Ring Size

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Gemstone silver rings are quite common in today’s society, as are gold ones for that matter. However, the earliest rings didn’t have anything set into them at all. Instead, bits of circular bone, hair or simple wire wrappings were used.

One of the earliest examples of a ring being used comes from Greek Mythology and the story of Prometheus. According to Hesiod, an early Greek poet, Prometheus did not stay bound to the mountain but was, instead, released by Zeus. Zeus then made Prometheus wear material from the mountain so that he would always be bound to it. Hesiod believed that this piece from the mountain was fashioned into an iron ring.

As time passed by and rings grew increasingly popular, craftsmen developed the skills and techniques needed to make prongs that would hold gemstones. This was the beginning of the gemstone silver rings and gold gemstone rings that we see today.

Symbolism of Gold

  • In Western culture, gold is used to symbolize a 50th wedding anniversary.
  • In Astrology, gold is ruled by the sun.
  • Gold has been used throughout history to represent the glory of heaven, God and the brightness of the sun.

Symbolism of Silver

  • Has been used by many cultures to symbolize the moon.
  • Silver is strong enough to withstand heat and abuse, but is also malleable enough to be formed into sterling silver jewelry. When you wear gemstone silver rings, you are wearing symbol of quiet strength.
  • It is also said to represent attributes such as purity, focus, vision and persistence

Gemstone Silver Rings And How To Choose Your Ring Size

How to Determine Your Ring Size

Most jewelry retailers should be able to provide you with the use of a ring sizer. However, if you’re buying a gemstone silver ring online or just prefer to figure it out on your own, here’s an easy method that you can use.

  1. Cut a piece of string or paper to about 3 inches long. (The material that you use should be no more than ¾” wide.
  2. Wrap it around the base of the finger that you wish to size.
  3. Use a pen or pencil to make a mark at the point where the paper or string starts to overlap.
  4. Use a ruler to carefully measure from the end of the string/paper to the point where you made your mark.
  5. Use the guidelines below to figure out your correct size.

**Helpful Hints*

  • If you have particularly large knuckles, make sure that you measure your knuckle and the base of your finger. You may need to go up a size.
  • If you are between sizes, it’s usually best to go up to the next available size for comfort.
  • You should always measure your finger at the end of the day as it is largest at this time.

Ring Sizes According to Measurement

Ring Size Measurement in Inches Measurement in Millimeters
3.0 n/a 43.4
3.5 n/a 44.9
4.0 1 and 13/16 46.5
4.5 1 and 7/8 47.8
5.0 1 and 15/16 49.0
6.0 2 and 1/16 51.5
6.5 2 and 1/8 52.8
7.0 2 and 3/16 56.6
7.5 2 and 1/4 55.3
8.0 2 and 5/16 56.6
8.5 2 and 3/8 57.8
9.0 2 and 7/16 59.1
9.5 2 and 1/2 60.3
10.0 2 and 9/16 61.6
10.5 2 and 5/8 62.8
11.0 2 and 11/16 64.1
11.5 2 and 3/4 65.3
12.0 2 and 3/16 66.6
12.5 2 and 7/8 67.9
13.0 2 and 15/16 69.1