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General quilt books are something every quilter should have in their library. But there are so many, how do you know which one to get? Below you will find a list of general quilt books and a brief review of each one. Hopefully this will help you in choosing the best book for you.

I have listed each book by its title and author, if there was no author I listed the publisher.


by Michelle Marrow Harer

Inside this book you’ll find inspiration and explanation of the skills necessary to make a quilt. This book has step-by-step instructions and clean illustrations. Its 500+ pages will guide you in making a variety of quilts.

The book is divided into four sections. The first section, which is the majority of the book, is patchwork quilts. It covers: square, rectangles, half-square triangles, triangles, polygons, and circles. It also covers how to finish the quilt top.

The remaining three sections cover: crazy quilts, strip-cut quilts, and fast folded flowers.


by Eileen Westfall

There are twenty-six projects that are listed from A to Z. Each letter is the name of the quilt block that has been make into a quilt project. Here is an example of a few of the projects. A – Attic Window -recipe and pot holder. C- Card-trick hat band. G- Grape Basket Quilt H – Heart and Home Wall hanging N- “Next Door Neighbor Tote bag Z – Z-Cross Christmas Stocking. The last project is a Patchwork Alphabet Quilt. It gives great directions for making pieced alphabet letters.



This book has over 100 quilt projects. A few of the projects are: a tablecloth, bags, pillows, purses,aprons, and place mats. Most of the projects can be made quickly. There are very few directions, so it probably would not be one of your first quilt books.


by Rosemary Wilkinson(editor)

There are 14 quilts included in this book are by different quilters. Each quilt gives several color options as well as, variety and inspiration for each quilt. The book has a chapter on basic tools and techniques for beginners and well as photographs of the finished quilts. Many of the quilts combine different blocks for very unique quilts. All the quilts are easy to make.

Jayne Emerson

This general quilt book gives easy instruction for many quilt projects. Some of the projects are: patched and padded hangers, mixed print cushion, stripped place mat, pot holder, table cloth, hexagon coaster, table runner, and a tote bag, plus many more. If you are looking for simpler quilting project to try your hand at quilting this would be a good book.

by Joan Hansen & Mary Hickey

This book is a good general quilt book. It is one of my favorites from my own collection. The book is divided into twelve lessons. Lessons one through four covers basic information, such as: supplies, fabric, block placement, setting and borders. In lessons five through eleven a different quilting technique is covered in each lesson with examples of several quilts you can make using that technique. The book begins with easy shapes, such as squares and rectangles and continues to diamond shapes. Some of the techniques that are covered are: squares, rectangles, applique, half-square units, quarter-square units, diamond, and templates. The final chapter covers finishing your quilt. You might think of adding it to your own collection of general quilt books

by Bill Kerr

This book shows beginner and experts quilter new ways of planning, designing and construction contemporary quilt. I takes you through every step on making a quilt. You will learn basic principals of quilt design as well as new technical skills. Follow the step-by-step diagrams and you will be learning new designs and techniques will each project. Each of the 15 quilt projects shows the level of difficulty, lists the skills you’ll learn and shows how each quilt might look in differnt color combinations. There are many design tips throughout the book. Beginning quilters will love the simple, yet sophisticated, patterns that turn fabric into a work of art. Advanced quilted will improve their technical and design skills, plus master new techniques. Whether you are making a quilt for yourself and a gift for a friend, these unique patterns will inspire you to try something new.

by Marsha McCloskey

This book, as with most general quilt books, starts out with the basics such as rotary cutting, machine piecing, borders, binding, etc. The rest of the book covers classic quilts. The quilts are listed from the easiest to the hardest. Each set of instructions included color photos, fabric requirement, step-by-step cutting and sewing directions. Some of these quilts include: a four patch, a four-patch & star tooth, a 1930′s nine patch, trip around the world quilt, log cabin, flying geese & stars, monkey wrench block quilt, basket quilt, ocean wave, LeMoyne star, plus many others. The author gives most of her instructions using a rotary cutter and sewing machine, but she does include pattern pieces, if you prefer that method.


by Pam Bono Designs

The first 23 pages of the book covers the basics of quilting. It covers fabric, rotary cutting patchwork, quick-piecing techniques and finishing your quilt. The rest of the book is the quilt collection. The collection covers quilts, plus crib bumper, wall hanging, pillow sham, pillows, dolls, tree skirts, and tablecloth. Some of the quilts are: Tuxedo Cat, Country Hearts, Paw of the Bear, Baby Bunnies Crib Set, Stars & Stripes, Water Lily, Chicken Quilt, and Mountain Greenery.


by Ann Poe

This book is divided into five sections. Section 1 tells the story of quilts. Section 2 covers quilt basics such as equipment, fabric, drawing designs, making templates,setting blocks, etc. Section 3 is a sampler quilt. It includes nine blocks, some of these block are: nine patch, star block, sugar bowl, applique, and reverse applique. Section 4 covers different projects, such as: whole cloth pillow, Amish Lap Quilt, Stain Glass wall hanging, etc. Section 5 is a pattern library that shows colored pictures of many pieced and applique blocks.

by Celia Eddy

This book is divided into two large chapters. The first chapter, like many general quilting books, covers the basic tools, material, and techniques of quilting. It also covers designing with fabric, cutting fabric, piecing, quilting, and binding. It also shows you how to draft and make your own templates, which gives you greater flexibility in creating original patterns and adapting new ways to use traditional patterns.

The rest of the book gives directions in making 100 different blocks. At the beginning of this chapter is the 100 blocks at a glance. This gives you the ability to compare blocks and see which ones you like without flipping through all 100 blocks.

by Jinny Beyer

If you are a hand quilter or think you might like to become one this is the book for you. Each chapter covers a different part of quilting. Chapter 1- “The Fabric Stash” teaches you how to select, prepare and care for fabric. Chapter 2 -”Primer of Pattern Drafting” – teaches how to draft your own pattern. Chapter 3- “Preparing to Sew” – covers such topics as fabric placement, making templets, cutting and assembling pieces and pressing. Chapter 4 “Piecing Basics – in this chapter she covers the running stitch plus squares and rectangles. This is done in very simple steps with great illustrations. Chapter 5- “Beyond the Basics” in this chapter she covers bias edges, angles and points. Chapter 6 – “Piecing Master” is on setting in angles and piecing curves. Chapter 7 – “Enriching Patchwork Design” cover how decorative border prints can highlight your quilt. The author teaches you how to make all kinds of borders. Chapter 8 – “Borders for Quilts” shows you how to put your borders on your quilt. Chapter 9- “Preparing to Quilt” covers the different patterns to quilt. Chapter 10 – “Quilting and Finishing” how to quilt and finish your quilt


by Creative Publishing International, Inc.

Quilting 101 teaches you step-by-step how to make great looking quilt items. Based on machine quilting it starts with the basics of machine sewing. The projects include a variety of items to make such as: hot pads, zippered bags, Christmas stockings, pillows, table toppers, table runners, doll blankets, baby blankets, plus many others.

QUILTS, QUILTS, QUILTS >br> by Diana McClun and Laura Nownes

A very good general quilt book. It is part of my collection, and one that I have used many times. It starts with the patterns which includes: Roman Square, Fence Rail, Log Cabin, Nine Patch, Double Nine Patch, Sawtooth, Heart, Gingerbread House (which is really cute), Bears Paw,and many more. It also covers piecing, applique, assemble, quilting, drafting patterns, and a sampler quilt. The sampler quilt comes with an outline to use in a quilting class.

Diana McClun and Laura Nownes

This is one of the general quilting books that is part of my personal collection. The book is divided into seven chapters. Chapter 1 (which is about half the book) are the quilts. Some of the quilts included are: a four patch, five stripes quilt, nine patch, snowball, hearts, basket, sawtooth, bowtie, album patch, house, sailboat, wild goose chase, Martha Washington Star and Bethlehem Star. Chapter 2 discusses color choices. Chapter 3 shows a sampler quilt. A sampler quilt is a medley of quilt patterns combined to form a quilt. This chapter shows you how to make a single block of the different quilts in chapter one. The chapter tells you how you can divide the sampler into a quilt class. Chapter 4 shows techniques such as hand and machine piecing, strip piecing, half and double half square triangles, and applique methods. There are practice exercises for each technique. Chapter 5 teaches setting the blocks and the borders, chapter 6 covers the quilting process, and chapter 7 covers binding, which is the finishing touch