General tips for cheap car rental

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Here are some general tips:
  • Cheap car rental must be booked as early as possible. The best is at least 21 day before your trip
  • Check your credit cards insurance policy
  • Check the prices in locations which is not in the airport, but are close to your hotel
  • When you return your car in Airport location, refuel it 25-30 miles before, as you will have difficulty to find gas station close to the airport and also the price will be higher
General tips for cheap car rental
  • If car rentals restricts you to drive in some states then please follow this rule, as they can track your driving and penalize you for that
  • Check the mileage policy for your chosen car, as you might need to pay for extra miles you drive with your rental car
  • Print out all your booking details and rental agreement as well. Take a close look on it, as you can cancel reservation if something unacceptable arises