Geothermal Heating – An Enviromentally Friendly Heat Source

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Geothermal heating is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating fuels such as natural gas or oil.

Basically a liquid (water or a light gel-like liquid) is encased in the system to circulate the heat from the earth into your home in winter, while the cold during the winter is pumped into the earth, warmed by the earth on its way back into your home and so it cycles.

The system continues cycling the fluid from the earth, into your home and back out to the earth again during the summer months, utilizing the cool temperatures stored by the earth during the summer months.

Designs and configurations vary. Some designs place the underground piping in a row out into your yard in a horizontal fashion, other designs drill one, two or several holes vertically.

What is interesting to note is that the cost over the long term is a huge savings, especially in light of fuels rising costs today. Most literature on these systems indicate they work for many years without any trouble or upkeep.

One lady I know personally had such a system installed in her home in the mid 1970′s (a time when everyone thought she’d lost her marbles AND she had her home made from concrete to boot!). That system is still working today with no trouble. What isn’t often expected is the up front cost of the product and its installation today.

Geothermal Heating   An Enviromentally Friendly Heat Source

As with all things construction – view several models, and get different quotes on pricing and installation once you’ve decided on the model and system you want.