Get Dressed Up From Head To Toe With Cool Ocean Pacific Swim Wear

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Ocean Pacific swim wear is a well known and respected brand leading surf and beach lifestyle.

This brand is also known through other names such as: Op, Op classics and Seven 2. All these are not incorporated into the Warnaco Group Inc. who acquired the Ocean Pacific Apparel Corp.

While Ocean Pacific provides swim wear for all categories of swimmers this acquisition allows them to launch their services worldwide.

Whether it’s you or your kid who needs swim wear, Ocean Pacific is there for you showing a wide range of accessories from which you or your kids can choose.

These accessories include foot wear, sun glasses, shorts and swimming suits. Ocean Pacific has a carefully designed line of swimming suits made to enhance your beautiful look and to stir attention towards you on beach or water.

The combination of nylon (84%) and Lycra Spandex (16%) provides your suit with special characteristics guaranteeing to you that the suit will stay in its original form.

Get Dressed Up From Head To Toe With Cool Ocean Pacific Swim WearGet Dressed Up From Head To Toe With Cool Ocean Pacific Swim Wear

A word of caution: always wash your Ocean Pacific swim wear with mild soap and warm water and line dry them away from hot sun. You can buy these models at great prices: around $46 because of the wonderful 40% off deal available now on their opstore.com site.

If you are concerned about your feet, Ocean Pacific swim wear line offers you a handful of good choices that will make your feet thrive in comfort.

The prices are around $30 per pair and both women and men can find perfect match. Men can also choose from long and short sleeve tops, pants and shorts to complete their swim wear.

And since there is no fun if you don’t have sleek glasses Ocean Pacific offers more than 20 models to chouse from at about $25 each.