Get safe

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I know, I can almost hear you muttering, “normal stuff, could happen to anyone!

Luckily, all these true stories more or less had happy endings. Small boy had the contents of the pool drained from his ear, Teenage girl soon cleared up after finding out it was a reaction to a particular brand of soap powder and old lady enjoyed the rest of her break with her arm strapped to her side after tripping on the bathroom step on her first night ever out of the UK. (stopped her hitting the gin bottle too much anyway).

Not that we are trying to panic anyone, most people travel, have fun and get home again without any major mishaps. However it’s better to be safe than sorry. Travel insurance is cheap and easy to get and can be completed online in a few minutes.

Get safe

If you are over 65 or have any particular medical conditions you will probably have to call the insurance company’s helpline number to give further details. If you plan on jumping off a mountain, diving to the bottom of the oceans or any other sport classed as “extreme”, then you should make sure your policy covers you. Remember travel insurance is not only for health and safety reasons, it can also cover delays, cancellations, theft etc (check the small print for what’s covered), in other words, things which are out of your control.