Get To Know The Snowboard Basics

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When you take to the mountain there is a few snowboard basics you need to know, from stance, and direction, to what to wear, and how to stretch, here’s a few snowboard basics that will help you get through a days snowboarding.

Basic things to remember

Knees Bent… it helps you relax and keep you balance down the hill. Look where you are going… if you look down you might fall down, so look where you want to go.. simple really. Looking at your feet is not going to help your balance, but if you look to where you want to go, your feet can follow your eyes.

Wear the right clothing

Remember dress for the weather, be warm and comfort, the last thing you want to be is cold and wet, that’s no fun. Wearing layers is a great snowboard basic idea that will help you out heaps when learning, experienced riders can be fine out on the slopes in snowboard pants and a t shirt or sweatshirt, but beginners spent a lot of time on their ass… in the snow, so it pays to layer up and get a good Snowboard Clothing, Snowboard Jacket and Snowboard Pants.

Warm Up

Its also a good idea to Keeping Warm Snowboarding up on the hill, There’s nothing worse then pulling a muscle early in the day, after paying for a whole day, and sitting it out in the car while your mates ride. Snowboarding is a physical activity, so it should be treated as one. Warming up and Snowboard Stretches before going out, but also not overdoing it on the first day. Snowboarding takes time, and trying to learn when you are exhausted will only make you more frustrated.

Get To Know The Snowboard Basics

Don’t give up

After a days riding you may be feeling it is futile even trying, but keep practicing you will get better, and I highly recommend lessons to get the basics down. Once you have the basics, you’ll be able to go wherever. Don’t give up! It may take time to learn, but it’s worth it in the end. Snowboarding is a fun recreational sport that can be done by everyone. It can be a family event, or and event with friends.

And remember Snowboarding is more difficult to learn than skiing because balance is easier with speed, but it’s so much cooler. A person who is uncomfortable with snowboarding is typically uncomfortable with speed. However, once you overcome this fear, and learn the basics, snowboarding is easy to master. You will feel comfortable because you have learned to control the snowboard, and can feel free to explore the mountain or back country as you please.