Get your snowboarding stance right

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Snowboarding stance is the way you stand on your snowboard, which can be the same as skateboards and surfboards. When snowboarding, you use bindings, so it is important for you to mount your bindings the way you wish to stand. Setting up Snowboarding Stance is just one of the many things you must get familiar with when learning to snowboard… For more helpful snowboarding infomation regaurding snowboard size, and snowboard types, Click the links below…

Or read on for all you need to know about Snowboarding Stance

There are two choices you can take…

Regular or Goofy

Regular snowboarding stance is riding with your left foot forward, and Goofy is boarding with your right foot forward, it’s really which is most comfortable and natural for you. You may not be able to instantly recognise you’re preference of right or let foot, but its likely one will be easier then the other.

Surfers, skateboards, wake boarders and water skiing using single skis, all have a preferred foot to put forward, in saying this some people also choose to change stance between sports.

Its pretty hard to decide which snowboard stance you are going to prefer until your up the mountain, but there is a few ways to test your self and see which foot you tend to lean towards.

Get your snowboarding stance right

  • You could start off by running along a kitchen or hardwood floor in your socks, and suddenly stop and go into a slide, the foot you put forward, will help you to decide if your Goofy or Regular.
  • Have someone sneak up behind you, and give u a shove. Whichever foot you land on, will give u and idea also and that will be the front foot on you’re snowboard.
  • When rising a bike downhill and standing up on the pedals, which foot falls as the front, this would be the foot to put at the front of the board.

Setting up your snowboard Stance

If you’re not really too sure what you’re doing, setting you’re stand on you’re board can be a bit of a mission. Starts off by setting you’re snowboard bindings slightly wider then youse shoulder length. So you feel comfortable and stable standing on top. Just think about jumping of a height, then landing in a crouch position, look at the length between you’re legs, this is approximately the distance you want.

Angles to set bindings

This is completely related to the riding style you choose, and on you’re personal preference. The good thing is you’re bindings are made, with markings for degrees, so there is no need for extreme maths.

Freeride and Freestyle riders should place their front binding from 10-30 degrees, its really a preference thing, I recommend starting between 15-25 and adjusting so you get it feeling right.The back binding can either be angled to the front of the board or the back which is known as DUCK FOOTED (angles are set a negative range). The back binding should be angled anywhere from –15-+10 but it depends on what feels right for you. To find you’re ideal setting start with a rear binding at 0 or straight across the board, and adjust until it feels comfy.

Don’t be scared to adjust you’re snowboarding stance, cos the most important thing is being comfortable and enjoying you’re time in the snow, no stances are exactly alike, so feel free to play, and remember changing you’re stance can also help you in heavier snow, or when riding pipe or rails.