Give Flowers on the first date

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If you ever want to add a touch of romance for the date, show up to the front door with some flowers. This will change the whole dynamic of the evening and she will love you for it!

With that being said, there is a time and place for flowers so try and use some common sense. The reason why I am saying this, you wouldn’t want to show up with a bouquet of flowers for the first lunch date would you? Your date will think you are going overboard and trying too hard.

A good touch would be to send some flowers to her house or work the day after you have the big date as long as the date went well.

Arriving with flowers is better on the second or third date if you ask me, but use your judgment.

When it comes to the style of flower, I always buy the long stem roses since I love the look of this flower. To me it shouts sexy and classy!

Buy what you feel works for you since there isn’t really a one flower fits all. I have seen a bouquet of multiple flowers that look very nice so there are many options and remember it is the point that counts!

Give Flowers on the first date

Some people think that you have to buy roses from a florists and that is the only option. That is not correct. You can buy flowers from your local convenient store and they look the same so don’t sweat it.

When you buy flowers, make sure you don’t leave them sit for long since they sometimes don’t last as long depending on the elements.

Bottom line, adding flowers is a romantic touch that shows your date that they are really important to you and you will never go wrong with that!

Go smell the roses!