GivingThe Best Dog Medicine Care For Your Dog Is Important

When giving your dog medicine make sure it is the correct dosage for their weight and size. Having to give your dog medicine should never be a problem. It’s vital they receive the medicine to cure their illness.

Your Veterinarian will do a health check on your new puppy. To see how much they weigh and what kind of dog medicine they need at that stage of their life. This will include-eyes, nose, ears, teeth and gums, joints, ribs, toes and pads, skin, hair, rectum, heart, lungs, and an over all feel of their body muscles. This will start the first series of Vaccines. In most cases the Veterinarian will administer the dose. Please do get the proper medicine care for your new puppy or dog. These vaccines are important to fight off disease’s your dog could encounter and maybe kill if not done in the weeks needed for good health.

Vaccines will be from 6-20 weeks.

GivingThe Best Dog Medicine Care For Your Dog Is Important

Vaccines will include:

Very contagious and affects the resipiratory and nervous systems. It is often very fatal.
Serious and fatal. Can cause eye, liver and kidney damage. There could be stomach pains.
Contagious respiratory disease. This can sometimes be mistaken for tracheobronchitis. Sounds like a dry hack or cough.
Contagious and can result in death for your puppy.
Causes viral diarrhea in pupppies and dogs.
Bacterial disease that damages the organs.
A bite from an infected animal. If you leave this untreated you could be faced with a paralysis or death.


There are some not-so-true- actions that mean your dog has worms. Just saw your dog scoot? They could have impacted anal glands. If the sacs are infected and not emptied; infection can occur or worse surgery may be required. Dogs need to be wormed monthly? No- only worm your pet when you see worms in their stool. It’s a risk to use worm medication when not needed. Erliworm wormer tablets are a safe, effective treatment for the control of larger roundworms. These tasty chewable tablets may be given directly or added to food. Not for in puppies under the age of 6 weeks.

Fleas & Ticks

Fleas and ticks can irritate your dog. Fleas can make you dog scratch and itch for days. They could give your dog allergies. Things to look for are loss of coat and red bumps around their lower back and tail.

This shampoo kills fleas and ticks, ends snarls and tangles, leaves your dog smelling fresh, sweet and thoroughly clean.

Ear Mites

These are highly contagious, irritating, and tiny. If your dog shakes thier head alot and you see a dark waxy build up in their ear- they could have ear mites. Tiny, irritating and highly contagiuos.

This kills ear mites that cause odors and infections.


There are 2 types of manage. Demodectic manage is not contagious. It is not itchy, but can be difficult to cure. Sarcoptic is very contagious. It is itchy and baldness is seen. Insecticidal dips can treat this. Chihuahuas are at risk for demodectic mange.

Sponge on dip for scaroptic manage. Gives 16 days of residual control. Do not use on puppies under 12 weeks of age. Active ingredient: phosmet.


Eye staining can be removed. This is due to tearing and staining the hair. Mainly in white colored dogs. Chihuahuas are known for dry eyes and glaucoma too. Have this checked by your Vet if the eyes keep watering.

Tear Clear is a safe, non-irritating tear stain remover. It gently cleanses to remove unsightly tear and saliva stains and restores full luster to the coat.