Gnu Snowboards – A Great Range Of High Quality Snow Boards


The best selling line by Gnu snowboards, The proven carbon beam construction easy rise biaxial axial glassware, low maintenance CX2500 base material, vertically laminated aspen core and radial side cuts on twin shapes makes pro model Freestyle performance available at a steal. And carbon beams are wide, built with the ability to work for big feet.

Has performance with edge grip and power, and its sandwich tip provides a smooth ride with impact resistance, the strong light and lively board rides equally well on park pipe and powder, with the ability to ride freestyle in both directions.


This new board with medium width, twin tip and radial side cut freestyle and jib geometry’s, jib sandwich carbon beams makes for some skate focused fun! Performance and Durability are this boards strong point so you can give it a real hammering on those rails. Its 9 layers of end grain birch make it bombproof and massive pop! The strong light and lively board rides well on park pipe and powder, and is great for any free styler on the mountain, with twin tips and tails combining with a centered rail side cut.


Designed by Kyle Clancy, Zach Leach and Hampus Mosseson, the sandwich construction Riders choice series includes features such as Innovative EISS 9 Sidewalls, sintered bases, twins direction with harmonic side cuts and lightweight aspec cores. They designed these boards with riding everything for a mountain park to an urban parking lot. Built to withstand a beating this boards technical features means it can take to any rail. Twin direction harmonics mean the board has amazing control, power and performance, while giving it excellent torsion response. The base gives the board maximum wax absorption capabilities and durability making it tough and fast for any ride.

Gnu Snowboards   A Great Range Of High Quality Snow Boards


This new series designed by Barret is an easy ride for any freestyler; narrow waist widths make it excellent for Women’s feet sizes, its easy low maintenance and a GREAT Price.

With excellent Edge Grip and power, and sandwich tip and tail giving decreased torsion, for a smoother impact resistant ride. The woodcore means the board is strong, while still being light and lively. Twin tip and tails mean it’s a great ride on mountain park pipe and powder. And its base makes it hard fast and almost maintenance free due to a unique sublimation system.


Newly refined, the board was designed for high performance for female freestylers, riders who are willing to take on the whole mountain. Capable of taking a hammering on the rails, with lots of POP and its sidewall genetics alloy wood call meant it is lighter while still capable to ride perfectly in both directions, on the entire mountain, especially in powder. The tip being longer then the tail means surface area is reduces for added deep snow control. Board control is a focus, to the combination of Triaxial and Biaxial gives the best yet torsion responsive construction. Compressed sintered 9900 base means this board also has excellent wax absorption and durability… for one TOUGH and FAST RIDES for any chick.


Correction cap construction makes or rigid torsion box performance, with excellent edge grip and power, while a sandwich tip and tail make for less torsion and smooth riding with impact resistance. Technical factors combine to make unmatchable control, power and performance. Allow Wood core means the lightweight board is great for freestyle domination on the mountain. The Quasi Isotripic Fiberglass elements with triaxial and biaxial construction, board control is attained with less torsion. While having ability to absorb wax and be durable.


Gnu have combined elements from both Freeride and Freestyle boards, this board can conquer all terrain, technical elements mean this board will rule the mountain. The correction cap makes for great edge gripping and Torsion box performance. And Sandwich tip helps to reduce torsion, and host impact resistance.Alloy of vertical laminated aspen and lightweight Genetically altered core wood give great weight balance in freestyle attacks on the snow. Twin tip and tails give great multidirectional riding, for any terrain. And it also contains bi and tri axial constructions. And has great wax absorption and durability.


Kass Mins are board developed and made smaller for the little tikes. While the Danny Kass this board is a new size, with two widths, narrow and medium wide, with a correct cap. The genetic allow woodcore is fast, while low maintenance, with a wax infused base, meaning you can take to the pipe without waxing your board… now how’s that for convenient.


ith the worlds most advances core material, this board is SO light, yet strong woods have been built in to make a great strong board with freestyle and Freeride shapes, It was Correct cap construction, for edge grip, high flex and strength, it is suitable for all the mountain. Powder park and pipe. And board control from bi and triaxial construction. Altered genetics mean less friction and sintered bases for extra speed.