Should you GO on and Boost Your Ego? Get an eGO Cycle

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The special belt driven motor is very quiet and maintenance free.

Designed for a broad range of people for a convenient, fast, economical and environmentally friendly means of transport.

Should you GO on and Boost Your Ego? Get an eGO Cycle

Did you know that 6O% of all car journeys are of less than 5 miles? Why bother starting up the car and using all that gas when you could use your eGO bike for short trips and travel quickly, quietly and in style? A rear cargo rack and optional rear and front baskets provide for easy load carrying.

The eGO cycle is not pedal assisted, the bike does all the work for you, so in some countries and some states, registration and a road licence may be required.

Very easy to drive, the eGO bike has 2 performance modes.

Go Far

This is the economy mode. A range of around 25 miles and top speed of 15 mph with a slow smooth acceleration.

Go Fast

A range of 2O miles at a top speed of 2O mph and an impressive zero to 2O mph in under 4 seconds.

A front suspension to smooth out the bumps, with front disc brakes and rear caliper for solid, reliable stopping. An added benefit is the regenerative braking system which is automatically applied when the throttle is relaxed.

Should you GO on and Boost Your Ego? Get an eGO Cycle

Hill climbing capabilities are excellent and the bike will easily climb a 15% incline at 18 mph with a 17O pound rider on board.

The eGO cycle has large 2O inch wheels for extra stability and durable high pressure tyres that can be replaced if necessary from any ordinary cycle shop.

Tail and headlights for added safety, designed to comply with U.S. Department of Transportation road safety standards.

Should you GO on and Boost Your Ego? Get an eGO Cycle

Batteries can be charged to 8O% in 3 hours from a complete discharge. A full charge takes between 4-6 hours and costs about 1O cents and a battery will last around 1O,OOO miles before it needs replacing. An integrated on board charger makes it easy to plug the bike into the electricity supply to recharge the batteries.

All this equipment is stored inside the aircraft grade, aluminium chasis, with a wide foot platform for extra comfort. Sleek and stylish with easy to read instruments and a keyed ignition for extra security.

A brilliantly versatile, high tech electric cycle that’s quick, quiet, reliable and built to last.