Go With The Flow

“go with the flow and experience miracles”

Go with the flow is an expression I have been thinking a lot about lately, as things seem to go really smooth and easy in my life. It’s not like I sit back and wait for things to happen, but I don’t push too hard, either. Chances seem to present themselves to me and all I need to do is grab them – and continue to go with the flow.

Once upon a time, I used to believe that you could do anything you set your mind on. I thought that as long as you tried hard enough, worked hard enough you would eventually succeed. then i disocered I have much better result taking a break every day to meditate or simply daydreaming.

It’s not that I mean that persistence isn’t a great thing. I think it’s great to set a goal and go for it. And I do believe you need to work to get what you want – I don’t believe that the dream of your life is served you on a silver plate. But on the other hand, I start wondering if things do go more easy, more smoothly and that you get more opportunities thrown at you if you not only follow your dream, but also your destiny, which I do believe go with the flow is all about.

Go With The Flow

Like I’ve written in an other article on Your Fabulous Life I do believe that sometimes you can pursue your dream so hard that you instead are chasing away what you are dreaming about. But could it also be that reaching that goal you’ve set becomes too much struggle, too much hard work simply because you’re not meant to do it? Because it is not your purpose in life?

Anne always dreamed of working in advertising. She educated as a graphic designer and soon fond a job. What she had not been prepared for was that highly competitive environment at her work place. She hated it! She also struggled to work as fast as it was expected of her, and always fond herself staying late to catch up. As a result, she was never involved in prestigious projects and found that all the boring routine jobs fell on her. She secretly kept applying for other jobs, but when she finally got one she found it was even worse than her previous job. After a few years Anne took the plunge and decided to start her own business and to work from home. Though she had good contacts and knew her field, she had to work really hard for every assignment.

- Many times I thought I’d get the job, but then in the last moment it would be canceled or given to someone else, she says.

Anne also found it hard to stay update in her field when she was working alone and despite the competition, really missed having colleagues and meeting people, She felt like she was locked out from life working from home.

As she didn’t manage to meet her living expenses as a graphic designer, Anne was forced to take an extra job and took the first one she could find: As a sales assistant in a bridal shop.

- In the beginning I felt embarrassed and didn’t tell anyone. But soon I found I was really looking forward to going to work – and that was such a new feeling for me! The shop owner, Linda, and I got along great. Also the atmosphere was so warm, inviting and even exciting.

Then Anne and Linda was asked to arrange the wedding of a friend – and from then on Anne never looked back.

- The wedding was a great success and we soon got another request. Linda and I now run a company with six employees. And you know what I find the most amazing: That building this has been all fun! Instead of struggling for success we’ve been pushed towards success – all we needed to do was put in the working hours!

I believe it went “easy” for Anne and Linda because they chose to go with the flow.

We all have dreams for life – some we realize, some we don’t. Some of our dreams really belong to us, but some might have been imposed on us by parents, friends, teachers or other important persons in our lives. I remember this guy I went to school with, Peter. He was an excellent student and was even rewarded by school with an expensive watch when graduating. He could pick and choose when it came to what he wanted to study and not unsurprisingly did he go on to study engineering. I bumped into him many years later and to my surprise he told me he had moved to a mountain village where he ran his own successful adventure holidays company.

- I did expect you to run your own engineering company now, not a tourist business! I said.

- Believe me or not, but I really struggled at university and barely made my final exams. I had difficulties finding a job and when I finally got one, the company I worked for went bankrupt after six months. You won’t believe me, but the same thing happened to the next company I worked for, too!

Peter told me that after that he’d got short time employment, but despite working really hard to prove how good he was never was rehired. He was loosing his self confidence – his old friends from university were already in senior positions and making huge money, he hadn’t even got a steady job yet! Peter first came to this village for a week end holidays with friends, but it soon became his escape. Here he discovered a new side of himself, the side that loved the mountains!

- One day I saw an ad at one of the hotels for a ski instructor – and I simply knew this was for me. My friend and family first thought I was mad, but that stopped when they saw how happy I am and how great my the company I started is doing.

What Peter and Anne have in common is that both of them realized when it was time to let go of the old dream and follow a new path. They choose to go with the flow. Are you?